Hand is simply that, a big furry hand.  It is an easy puppet to make yourself, just sew a furry four fingered long glove.  His goal is to steal the memory verse written on pieces of paper. 

We write our week's memory verse on five or six pieces of paper, and then tape them to the puppet stage (if your puppet stage has a ledge, you can use five or six blocks of wood). One of the teachers comes up front and has the children say the memory verse with her.  Hand comes up, and wants to shake hands with the teacher.  When they are done shaking hands, the teacher wipes her hand on her shirt, and Hand wipes his hand on the side of the stage.  Hand asks the teacher what she is doing (Hand has to use gestures, but the teacher is somehow able to know what he is saying).  Hand then takes one of the pieces of paper.  The teacher asks Hand to give it back, so Hand crumples up the paper and throws it back at the teacher.  The teacher then has the children say the memory verse with one of the words now gone.  Hand comes back up and shakes hands with the teacher.  Teacher and Hand both wipes their hands again.  Hand excitedly points to the back of the children's church room.  The teacher asks what is it.  Hand continues to point, and as the teacher turns, Hand takes another word.  The teacher again has the kids repeat the memory verse with another word gone.  This goes on until all of the words are gone, and the kids have hopefully learned the memory verse. 

    Some other things Hand can do: 

1.  Hand knocks on the door of the puppet stage (if your puppet stage has a door that is).  The teacher goes to see who it is, and Hand takes another word.

2. Hand throws a ball or something out of the puppet stage.  When the teacher goes to get it, Hand takes another word.

3. The teacher waits for Hand to come up to take a word, and then hits him with a rubber mallet (or with a Styrofoam swim pole.)  Hand then comes up and motions  for the teacher to come closer.  She comes closer, and Hand motions for her to come even closer.  Hand then hits the teacher with a bigger Styrofoam pole, and takes another word as the teacher reals from the hit.