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..Carnival Games
This is just a sample list of the carnival games you can use.  Be creative and come up with more.  What I like to do is give the child two chances at the game.  If they win, then I give them a piece of candy.  If they don't win, then I give them a piece of candy.  The object is for the kids to get candy (which is what they would get if they were out trick-or-treating) and to have FUN.
1. DARTS : cork board, 2 darts, balloons. 

Tape the balloons to the cork board, and give the kids two chances to pop a balloon. 

2. CAN WHAM : 2 bean bags, 6 cans (filled with sand.) 

Stack the cans one on top of the other, then using the two bean bags, try to knock all of the cans over.

3. RING TOSS : 3 rings, ? bottles. 

Set up the bottles, and give the kids three chances to ring one of the bottles.  Make one of the rings a special color for a double prize. 

4. TIC - TAC - TOE : 3 bean bags, tic-tac-toe board (the board can be made of wood or simply by making lines on the floor using masking tape.) 

Using the bean bags, try to make a tic-tac-toe. 

5. FRISBEE THROW : 1 frisbee, 1 target (an old tire works well.) 

Give the kids two chances to throw the frisbee threw the target. 

6. PUTT - PUTT : 1 putter, 2 golf balls, 1 hole (a plastic cup, or practice putting hole.) 

Give the kids two chances to putt the ball into the hole. For added difficulty and fun, build a ramp for the ball to go over.

*** If your room floor is not carpeted, it is best to get a long piece of carpet for this game. 

7. FOOTBALL THROW : 1 football (a nurf football will cause less chance of damage), 1 old tire. 

Give the kids two chances to throw the football threw tire. 

8. BEAN BAG THROW : 2 bean bags, 1 board with holes. 

Throw the bean bag threw one of the holes.  1 piece of candy for the big hole, 2 pieces of candy for the medium hole, 3 pieces of candy for the small hole.

** If the child makes the big or medium hole on the first try, give them the choice of keeping the candy, or giving it back for a chance at the small hole. 

9. TARGET SHOOTING : 1 plastic dart gun, ? targets. (Empty pop cans works well.) 

Set up the targets, and give the kids two chances to hit the targets.

10. BASKETBALL : 1 basketball, 1 hoop (you can buy various sized nurf basketball sets.) 

Give the kids two chances to make a basket. 

11. COIN TOSS : ? dimes, ? cups and bowls. 

Give the kids 3 or 4 chances to throw a dime into one of the cups or bowls. 

12. SOFTBALL THROW : 2 softballs, 1 bucket. 

Give the kids two chances to throw the softball into the bucket. 

13. DUCK POND : Tub of water, and lots of 
little ducks with numbers .1, 2, or 3 on the 

Give the kids a chance to pull a duck out of 
the water.  If the duck has a one on the bottom, 
they get one prize.  If the duck has a two on the 
bottom, they get two prizes, and so on.

14. GONE FISHING : old puppet stage, and a 
fishing pole with clothes pin the end.

The kids throw the line behind the puppet 
stage and someone behind the stage attaches a
prize to the clothes pin.

15. BOWLING : cheap bowling set.

Give the kids two chances to knock over all of
the bowling pins.