(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Billy.) 

Josh, Mom and Sis come out, with -Mom chiding Josh, saying "I just don't believe you sometimes, Joshua. Do any of those lessons in Sunday School ever sink into that head of yours?" Sis says, "Sometimes I wonder if you are even a Christian." They all leave to get ready for Church.

Billy then comes out to play, falls down and gets hurt. Sis comes out on her way to Church, sees Billy lying there, and says "Yuk, I don't even want to touch him." She then leaves.

Mom comes out next, sees Billy lying there, thinks about helping, but then leaves, saying to herself "I am late for my Sunday School Class, and I am the teacher."

Josh then comes out, sees Billy lying there, and stops to help him to his feet, and offers to help him home, thus making Josh very, very late for Sunday School. Josh and Billy leave.

Later Mom, Sis and Josh come back out with Mom and Sis getting all over Josh about being late for Sunday School. Mom then tells him "I hope you have a very good reason why you were late for Sunday School" and Sis saying, "I still wonder if he is even a Christian." Josh then explains why he was late, and Mom realizes that it is Joshua who has acted as the real Christian that day. They all leave.