I have experienced some of the best times of worship in Children's Church, there is just something very special about Children worshipping God.  Many people I run into tell me that children are just mimicking, that they really don't understand what they are doing, and therefore don't truly worship God.  I just know that when the Saducees complained about the children worshipping him, Jesus said, "out of the mouths of babes comes perfected praise" and that describes it exactly.

I love to start with fast fun songs, I like to get the kids to move around.  This accomplishes two things.  First, I think it is scriptural to worship God not only with song, but with dance.  Secondly, it gives the kids a chance to get all the antsyness out of them.  I also love to do songs where the kids have a chance to yell.  I know there are some who won't approve, but I have found that if you are embarrassed to shout the name of Jesus in church, you will probably be too embarrassed to whisper the name of Jesus outside of church.  But if the kids are used to loudly proclaiming the gospel, and the name of Jesus in church, it becomes a little easier to proclaim the gospel and the name of Jesus outside of church.

After the fun songs, I then go into worship.  I have  personally found that if I give the kids the chance to have fun in worship, they are more apt and willing to enter into the more personal and intimate worship later.  These are the worship times I really love.  Kids are kids, but kids are also beings created by God for worship, and if given the opportunity, they will surprise you.
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