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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you are like me, you are probably tired of forking out a lot of money for curriculum that is just not worth it !!!  I know that many of you have good ideas and quality programs, but you need some new and fresh ideas to use every once in a while. God has put on my heart to write down some of the best ideas we have had in the past 15 years, to pass them on to others. Jesus said, "Freely ye have received, freely give", and being the God didn't charge us for the ideas He gave, we aren't going to charge, but give to others what He has given to us.

We also suggest, and ask that you come up with your own names in the place of the names you will find on the following pages. This will allow for your Children's Church to be unique, and fitted to your own personalities and characters. If every church had a puppet with the same name, yet they all looked and sounded different, this would seem strange to a child who might visit your church on one particular Sunday.

If you have enjoyed this curriculum, please feel free to duplicate it and give it to others. This ministry's purpose is to get kids to Jesus, and to get the words of Jesus to the kids. Also, if you have any ideas you would like to share, please send them in, and we gladly will pass them on.

Peter says in II Peter 1:12-15 that he continually put the people in remembrance of God's truths even though they already knew them and were established in those truths, so that when he would go on to be with the Lord, the people would have those truths firmly and deeply rooted in their minds. In the same way, we in the Children's Ministry need to continually put our kids in remembrance of Jesus and His truths, even though they think they know it all and are established in those truths, so that when they leave our Sunday School, they will always have these truths firmly and deeply rooted in them, and be able to stand strong in the faith of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you have found this curriculum helpful, or if you haven't, please email us and let us know what you think. Your opinion is not only desired, but needed. clunky@fishersofkids.com

Now, God bless you as you minister unto God's children.

                    Dan Harris

"Clunky" is a puppet who is always listening to the memory verse and Bible story, but like Nicodemus when he talked with Jesus about being born again, doesn't quite understand what is meant.  For example: In the book of Ephesians, it talks about having the "Shield of Faith," so Clunk comes up carrying a cardboard shield with the words "faith" written on it. With Clunk always goofing up, this gives you a good opportunity to explain to him, and to the children, what exactly is meant in that particular verse or story.  We stress that these are only skeletal ideas, and that you will need to take time on your own to figure out exactly what you are going to say.


Hand is simply that, a big furry hand.  It is an easy puppet to make yourself, just sew a furry four fingered long glove.  His goal is to steal the memory verse written on pieces of paper. 

We write our week's memory verse on five or six pieces of paper, and then tape them to the puppet stage (if your puppet stage has a ledge, you can use five or six blocks of wood). One of the teachers comes up front and has the children say the memory verse with her. 
Hand comes up, and wants to shake hands with the teacher.  When they are done shaking hands, the teacher wipes her hand on her shirt, and Hand wipes his hand on the side of the stage.  Hand asks the teacher what she is doing (Hand has to use gestures, but the teacher is somehow able to know what he is saying).  Hand then takes one of the pieces of paper.  The teacher asks Hand to give it back, so Hand crumples up the paper and throws it back at the teacher.  The teacher then has the children say the memory verse with one of the words now gone.  Hand comes back up and shakes hands with the teacher.  Teacher and Hand both wipes their hands again.  Hand excitedly points to the back of the children's church room.  The teacher asks what is it.  Hand continues to point, and as the teacher turns, Hand takes another word.  The teacher again has the kids repeat the memory verse with another word gone.  This goes on until all of the words are gone, and the kids have hopefully learned the memory verse. 

    Some other things Hand can do: 

1.  Hand knocks on the door of the puppet stage (if your puppet stage has a door that is).  The teacher goes to see who it is, and Hand takes another word.

2. Hand throws a ball or something out of the puppet stage.  When the teacher goes to get it, Hand takes another word.

3. The teacher waits for Hand to come up to take a word, and then hits him with a rubber mallet (or with a Styrofoam swim pole.)  Hand then comes up and motions  for the teacher to come closer.  She comes closer, and Hand motions for her to come even closer.  Hand then hits the teacher with a bigger Styrofoam pole, and takes another word as the teacher reals from the hit.


I know a lot of churches are into the "High-tech" Children's Church, so this one might be for you.  It is actually the same as Mr. Sin, but we jazz it up a little bit.  A lot of churches will write the memory verse on PowerPoint, and then take away one word at a time so the kids can memorize the verse.  Here is a way of making it fun. 

One of the teachers comes up front and has the children say the memory verse on the PowerPoint with them .   "HeyMan" (Haman, from the book of Esther) then comes up, and tries to convince the children to not listen to the teacher, but to listen to him and not say the memory verse. 

He then shoots the PowerPoint screen, and one of the words "magically" disappears.  He leaves thinking he has ruined it for the children.  (You can use any kind of gun, a toy laser for a futuristic look, or a toy six shooter for an old western theme.  When HeyMan shoots at the screen, simply cause one of the words to disappear on your PowerPoint presentation.)  The teacher then has the children say the memory verse with one of the words now gone.  HeyMan comes back up angry, and again tries to get the kids to listen to him, and not say the memory verse.  He asks the kids if they really believe in what the Bible says, and the children without any coercion from the teacher will answer yes.  When he fails, he again shoots one of the words and leaves thinking that they surely won't be able to say the memory verse now. This goes on for as many words as you have. When the last word is shot, HeyMan leaves for good, but the children have memorized the memory verse. 

For added fun, have HeyMan shoot the words in different silly ways.  For example, he can shoot the word from behind his back.  You can also have a lot of fun with HeyMan's name.  For example, when HeyMan is talking to the teacher, he can say, "Hey man, ..." and the teacher answers, "I'm not HeyMan, you are."  HeyMan then says, "I didn't say HeyMan, I say hey ... man." 

For more fun, HeyMan can have friends (his gang).  In our church, he has a friend that tries to come up and help, but when he shoots, he misses the words.  Sometimes we tie a string to HeyMan's hat, and his sidekick shots it off instead of the word.  Be creative and have fun.  The sky is the limit.

81. GOD'S CALL (6:12)

The teacher comes out and tells the children's church kids that she needs help doing something.  While she is talking, Simon RePeter and Clunky come up on stage.  Simon and Clunky ask the teacher what she is talking about.  The teacher tells them that she needs help with something, and then says that she could use a pair of strong handsome puppets to help.  Clunky and Simon just stand there staring.  The teacher repeats, "I said, I could sure use a pair of strong handsome puppets to help me out."  Clunky then says, "Do you mean us?  Wow, we have never been called strong handsome puppets before."  Simon tells the teacher that he cannot help because he is doing something else.  The teacher tells him that she could really use his help, but Simon again says that he can't.  Clunky then taking the opportunity, tells her that he would be more than happy to help his favorite teacher, unlike Simon RePeter.  Simon again says he would like too, but that he can't.  Again Clunky plays it up and tells the teacher that he will be there and that he will help the teacher.  The teacher tells Clunky thank you, and then tells him that she will be back in 1/2 hour to get him.  Everyone leaves.

Later in the service, the teacher comes back up to get Clunky.  Simon RePeter comes up and tells the teacher that he is sorry for saying no, but that he is ready, willing, and able to help now.  The teacher is excited, and they call for Clunky.  Clunky doesn't come up because he is playing a game and can't quit.  Simon goes back to get him, but Clunky gets mad at him and tells him to get away so he doesn't ruin his game.  The teacher calls again, but Clunky yells back, "I can't talk now, I am in the middle of an important game and I almost have the high score."  We hear a door shut behind the stage.  Simon leaves to help the teacher.



The teacher comes up and notices a pack of chocolate candy bars on the stage.  He calls up Clunky and asks him if he could do him a favor and guard the candy bars for him.  Clunky says yes, and asks the teacher if he could have one.  The teacher says no.  Clunky asks if he could have just one tiny little bite.  The teacher again says no.  Clunky asks if he could have just one tiny little sliver of the delicious sweet milk chocolate.  Again the teacher says no, and tells Clunky that maybe he needs to find someone else to guard the chocolate.  Clunky says no, that he will guard it with his life and that he won't let another soul touch the deliciously smooth, yummy, sweet, chocolate candy bars.  The teacher trusts Clunky and tells him OK.  Both leave.

Later in the service, one of the other teachers is walking behind the stage, when we hear Clunky telling them to stop.  We then hear the teacher yell, "Ouch.  Clunky, why did you karate chop me?"  Clunky tells the teacher that he was instructed to guard the chocolate candy bars.   The teacher tells Clunky that she wasn't even going near the candy bars.  Clunky asks the teacher if she thinks it would be OK, if he had one.  The teacher asks who told him to guard the candy bars, and what did they say.  Clunky tells her he doesn't remember, and she tells him that she thinks he had better not.  We then hear the teacher say ouch again and tell Clunky to quit karate chopping her.  Clunky says, "Stay away from the candy bars."

Later in the service, another teacher walks behind the stage, and again we hear them say ouch, as Clunky karate chops this teacher also.  The teacher asks why he karate chopped him, and Clunky tells him to stay away from the chocolate candy bars.  The teacher tells Clunky that he doesn't even know where the candy bars are.  We then hear him say ouch again, and Clunky telling him again to stay away from the candy bars.  The teacher tells Clunky, "Tell me where the candy bars are, and I promise to stay away from them."  Clunky says, "Wouldn't you like to know."  We again hear the teacher say ouch and Clunky telling him to stay away.  Clunky then asks the teacher if he thinks it would be OK if he had a candy bar.  The teacher upset at being karate chopped three times, tells Clunky no.  Clunky tells the teacher that he is close to going crazy smelling the candy but not being able to eat it.  The teacher walks away and again tells Clunky no.

At the end of the service, we hear Clunky saying that he can't take it any longer and that he must have a candy bar.  We see a candy bar wrapper flying in the air and hear Clunky begin to eat the candy.  Just then, the first teacher comes up and calls for Clunky.  Clunky, still eating the candy, mumbles and tells the teacher he will be up in a minute.  The teacher tells him to hurry, and to bring the candy bars.  Clunky comes up looking guilty and the teacher asks for the candy bars.  Clunky brings up only five candy bars (there were six in the pack) and the teacher asks what happened to the other one?  Clunky tells the teacher that a burglar must have stolen it.  The teacher then bends over and smells Clunky's breath revealing the chocolate odor.  Clunky comes clean and confesses that he ate it, "I tried with all of my might, but I was just too overcome by the tempting smell of the sweet, chocolatee aroma of the candy bar."  The teacher then tells Clunky that he is disappointed at him, but that he probably shouldn't have let Clunky guard the candy.  Clunky tells him, "Asking me to guard candy is like asking Eve not to eat the apple, not a good idea."  The teacher then pulls out a great big candy bar and tells Clunky that he was going to give him this large candy bar for doing a good job, but being that he already ate one, he will have to save it for himself.  Clunky pleads by pointing out that he guarded and saved five out of six, but to no avail.  The teacher then asks Clunky if he could help him carry out some hot dogs to his car for a picnic he is going to.  Clunky says, "Hot dogs?  Yummy scrumptious hot dogs?"  The teacher says, "Yes, and this time you can have one, you just have to wait for me to cook it."  Clunky agrees and they both leave.

Different ideas:  Have Clunky dressed as an armed security guard or a soldier to guard the candy.  He can either kick people in shins, or he can shoot them with his water gun.


83. MEEKNESS (6:8)

Clunky and Simon come up arguing about who is better at Tittle Winks (or some other game).  The teacher comes up and asks the puppets what they are arguing about this time.  Clunky and Simon tell her that they are arguing about who is the best at Tittle Winks, and the teacher tells them to quit arguing and take it out back.  They ask what she means, and she tells them that if they want to find out who is the best, go back and play a game, "Then whoever is the winner is the best for today."  Clunky looks at Simon and says, "You are going down."  Simon says, "I am going down stairs where?"  Clunky rolls his eyes and tells Simon, "When I say you are going down, I don't mean you are going downstairs, I mean I am going to beat you."  Simon just looks at him.  Clunky says, "Never mind, come on and lets play to see who is the best."  Simon says, "And may the best man win."  Clunky again rolls his eyes and leaves (as a puppet, Clunky rolls his eyes by looking up, shaking his head gently, and sighing out loud).

Clunky comes back up later in the service wearing a cape and a crown (use a towel for a cape, and make a cheap crown out of construction paper or use a Burger King crown).  Clunky brags about how he is the greatest, "He tittles like a butterfly, and winks like a bee.  The greatest in the world is a puppet named Clunky."  The teacher comes up and asks who won.  Clunky says, "Who won?  Who is the greatest Tittle Winks player of all time?  Who is the the world champion, the grand Tittler and the pro Winker?"  The teacher says, "Yep, that's what I asked, who won?"  Clunky says, "I did!  I, the great, the worlds best."  Simon comes up, and quietly congratulates Clunky.  Clunky, with false modesty and a lot of over-acting says, "Thank you my fan.  How would you like another chance to play the worlds greatest, the most superbest, and bestest Tittle Winks champion of all time?"  Simon says, "Ahh, I think I will pass."  Clunky says, "I can't blame you after the way I whipped and completely embarrassed you."  Simon says, "You only won by one Wink.  And by the way, superbest and bestest are not even real words."  Simon leaves, and Clunky shakes his head and says, "Jealousy."
Birtha walks up and Clunky asks her, "Hey Birtha, how would you like to play the world champion, most superbest and bestest Tittle Winks champion of all time at a game of Tittle Winks?"  Birtha just laughs at him, and then leaves.  As she leaves, she says, "Superbest and bestest?" and then laughs some more.
Edword then comes up and Clunky asks him if he would like to play the Tittle Winks champion.  Edword tells him, "I already am playing Simon later."  Clunky says, "Not Simon, me, the worlds greatest champion ever."  Edword says, "I think I will pass.  You are not a very good loser, and it appears you are not a very good winner either."  Edword leaves to go play Simon.
Clunky is bummed, and the teacher comes up and asks what is wrong.  Clunky tells her that everyone is jealous of him and won't play him in Tittle Winks.  The teacher asks, "Do you think they are jealous of you, or do you think they don't want to hear all of your 'I'm the greatest, superbest, bestest world champion of all time?' (The teacher imitates Clunky.) Do you like playing people who act like that?"  Clunky says no.  The teacher then talks to Clunky about being humble.  Clunky realizes that she is right, and leaves to go apologize to Simon and see if he wants to play another game.


84.  PATIENCE (6:5)

One of the teachers comes up and tells the kids that she asked Clunky if he could wash her car for her, and that he did such a good job, she went out and bought him one of her most favorite games when she was growing up, Tittle Winks.  She then calls for Clunky.  Clunky comes up, and she thanks him for doing such a good job of washing her car.  Clunky tells her that it was his pleasure, "You have done so many things for me in the past, I was happy to help."  The teacher tells Clunky that she is proud of his attitude and thankful for the good job that he did, and then tells him that she got him a special surprise.  Clunky is excited.  The teacher hands him a gift, and Clunky goes down behind the stage to open it.  We hear Clunky opening the present and say, "Tittle Winks, what is a Tittle Winks?"  Clunky then comes up and asks the teacher, "What is a 'Tittle Winks'"?  The teacher explains that it is was one of her most favorite games to play when she was a little kid.  Clunky says cool, and then leaves to go play.  The teacher turns to the kids and tells them that she used to love playing Tittle Winks when she was a child, and she just knows Clunky will love this game too.  Just then, Clunky comes up and tells her that he hates it.  She asks why, and Clunky tells her he can't do it.  The teacher tells him he just needs practice, and Clunky tells her, "I tried it two times."  She then asks Clunky if he would like her to show him how.  The teacher goes behind the stage.  (We can hear them, but we can't see them.)  The teacher shows Clunky and he says, "Wow, that looks easy, let me try."  Clunky tries but fails.  Clunky gets frustrated, and tells her he hates the game.  She tells him to be patient, and that she will show him again.  Clunky tries again, but still doesn't do good, and tells her he still hates the game.  The teacher tells him to try one more time (the teacher comes back out on stage and looks over the puppet stage at Clunky).  We hear Clunky get excited as he almost makes it, and the teacher tells him, "That was pretty good.  Do it again."  We hear Clunky try it one more time, and finally gets it right.  The teacher is excited, and Clunky comes up and thanks her for the game.  She tells him he is welcome, and Clunky leaves to go play his new favorite game.

Later in the service, Clunky and Simon RePeter come up, with Simon begging Clunky to show him again.  Clunky tells Simon, "How many times must I have to show you?"  Simon says, "You only showed me once, and you did it too quickly."  Clunky tells Simon, "I do not have time to show you again.  Besides, Tittle Winks is for mature people.  Maybe you should go down to the 'preschool' cause they have easy games for people like you to play down there."  Clunky laughs.  He then says, "Or better yet, maybe you should go down to the 'Nursery' and you can play games with the babies."  Simon gets frustrated and leaves.  The teacher comes up and asks Clunky what that was all about, and Clunky explains, "Simon is too stupid ... I mean too immature to play Tittle Winks."  Clunky then asks the teacher if she wants to play.  The teacher tells him that she can't because she is teaching the class.  Clunky asks her if she wants to play afterwards, but she tells him she already has plans after church.  Clunky then asks, "Well, then who can I play Tittle Winks with?"  The teacher suggests Simon, but Clunky again tells her that he is no good at it.  The teacher then reminds Clunky that he wasn't very good at the game at first either, and even said he hated it, but when he was patient, and practiced, he got better.  She then tells him, he should use the same patience with Simon, and he will probably catch on too, "That way you will have someone to play with.  He may even become better than you in time."  "Better than me?" says Clunky, "No way!"  The teacher then tricks Clunky and tells him, "I think that is probably why you don't want to show him, cause you are afraid he will become better than you."  Clunky leaves to go teach Simon and prove the teacher wrong.


Clunky comes up looking for one of the teachers.
Clunky, “Would be OK for me to skip church next week?”
Teacher, "Why do you want to skip church?"
Clunky, “I am going to visit a new church with a friend from school named Fred.  Well actually, his name is Fapoo Rinwami Eahid Durrisba, but we just call him Fred for short.”
Teacher, "What kind of church does Fapoo Rinwa ... Fred go to?"
Clunky, “I think he said its one of them Honda churches.  He grew up in a far away country on the other side of the world called Indiana or something like that, and goes to a church like when he lived there.”
Teacher, “You mean a Hindu church, and he grew up in India?”
Clunky, “That's it.”
Teacher, "You probably shouldn't go visit that church."
Clunky, “Why not?  He is a really nice guy, and he believes in God and does lots of good deeds.  He never cusses, and he doesn’t drink or do any of those other bad things.  He wouldn’t evan hurt a fly.  Matter of fact, I haven't ever seen him evan stomp on a fly.”
Teacher, "He may believe in a god, but not in God.  The Hindo religion beilieves in many gods, and they also believe in reincarnation.”
Clunky, “What’s a flower have to do with it?”
Teacher, “No, that’s a carnation.  Reincarnation is the belief that when they die, they come back to earth as someone or something else.  For example, people from India will not kill a fly or eat meat because it may be a relative.”
Clunky, “You mean they think when Grandma dies she becomes a cow?”
Teacher, "It is OK for you to visit another “Christian” church with a friend if you wish, but going to a different religious church would be a bad idea."
Clunky, “But he sure is a nice guy.  Won’t all nice people go to heaven anyway?”
Teacher, “What does the bible say about how to go to heaven?”
Clunky, “It says that accepting Jesus is the only way?”
Teacher, “That’s right.  Your friend is probably very nice, and it is OK to play with him at school, but the only way to heaven is through Jesus.  False religions will only lead us away from Jesus, sometimes by evan doing nice things.”
Clunky, “Well then, how about I invite him to church here instead?”
Teacher, "That is a good idea."
The teacher and Clunky both leave.

86. PEACE (6:4)

Clunky comes up looking for the teacher in a panic.  When the teacher comes up, she asks Clunky what is wrong and he tells her, "I don't know what to do.  It's an emergency."  The teacher asks, "What's an emergency Clunky?"  Clunky continues to panic, "What am I supposed to do?  You gotta help me."  The teacher gently grabs Clunky and says, "Clunky, you need to settle down and tell me what the emergency is, so that I can help you."  Clunky tells her, "Well you know that today is the day we are supposed to hand in our application and money for the Puppet Missions Trip."  The teacher interrupts, "You do have your money don't you?"  Clunky hands her an evelope with his money and says, "Of course, I have been saving up and working all year for this trip.  I mowed lawns, washed cars, and even raked leaves, which is hard because I am not very good at climbing trees."  The teacher looks at the kids, then at Clunky, and grabbing the envelope says, "Anyway.  I will put your money with my own, and the money Simon RePeter gave me earlier this morning.  Do you have your application filled out?"  Clunky says, "I do, but it has a few small stains on it."  The teacher asks how many small stains, and Clunky hands her his application with ketchup, mustard, and a lot of other stains.  The teacher asks, "How in the world did you get this so dirty?"  Clunky responds, "I was eating a hamburger, ketchup, mustard, peanut butter, jelly and pickle sandwich with grape juice while I was filling it out.  Eating helps me to think."  The teacher takes the application and asks if that is what he is worried about.  Clunky looks dumbfounded and says, "No.  Why?"  The teacher tells him that they will have to fill out another application, and then asks, "What is it you were worried about earlier?"  Clunky says, "Worried?  Oh yeah.  I am afraid that when I go on the Puppet Missions Trip, the other kids and puppets on the trip may not like me.  Sometimes I can be kind of, well lets say, 'special,' and I am worried that I won't have any friends."  Clunky begins to bounce up and down in a panic.  The teacher tells Clunky, "Actually, this is perfect, we are talking about peace this morning in Children's Church, and this gives me an opportunity to show you and the kids what we are talking about."  Clunky says, "I am glad my pain and suffering can be helpful to you."  The teacher tells him, "You shouldn't worry or be afraid Clunky, but have peace with God."  Clunky says, "I'm not at war with God, why do I need peace with him?"  The teacher explains, "I didn't mean it like that.  What I meant by peace is that you need to trust in God and not worry."  She asks him, "First of all Clunky, is there anything you can do about it right now?"  Clunky says no.  The teacher continues, "And secondly, you are a 'special' puppet, and you are going to make lots of friends, so there is no need to be afraid."  Clunky says, "You are just saying that to be nice."  The teacher says, "No I am not, but if you are worried about it, then we can pray and ask God that he would give you friends on the Trip."  Clunky says, "And what if he doesn't?"  The teacher, "Then you can hang around with me and Simon.  That wouldn't be so bad would it?"  Clunky understands, and the teacher prays with him.  Clunky says, "You know what?  I feel that peace you are talking about."  The teacher is happy, and they leave to go get Clunky a new application.  Clunky asks if he can go down with her to hand in the money, and the teacher says yes.

Later in the service, the teacher comes in panicked and asks the kids if they have seen her bag with the Puppet Missions Trip money, "I went outside to put the bag in my car for safekeeping, and so I wouldn't forget to take it down the the Puppet Mission's Office after church, but when I got to my car I couldn't find my keys.  I left the bag on top of my car to run in quickly and see if I left my keys in the back of the children's church room.  After I found them, I went back outside, and the bag with the Puppet Missions Trip money is gone ."  Just then, Clunky and Simon come up looking for the teacher, "We were told you were looking for us."  The teacher says yes, and then begins to panic and tells them what happened.  Simon also begins to panic and gets upset that someone has stolen all of the money he earned for the Puppet Missions Trip.  Clunky on the other hand is not panicked, but stays calm.  The teacher and Simon ask each other frantically what are they going to do.  The teacher looks at Clunky and asks, "How can you stay so calm?  Don't you know that if we don't get our money in today, we can't go to the Puppet Missions Trip that we have been planning, and saving, and waiting for all year?"  Simon says, "Do you care so little, or are you just that clue less?  Sometimes I wonder about you Clunky."  Clunky says, "I do care, and I am actually very mad that someone might have stolen the money, but there is not a lot I can do about it right now.  It is like you said earlier, we shouldn't war, but have peace with God."  Simon says, "What are you talking about?"  Clunky continues, " I just know that when we prayed last year about the trip, we felt that God wanted us to go, so I figure I will just have to trust in God and have peace.  Maybe we could pray about it, and go out and look some more."  The teacher and Simon are amazed.  The teacher apologizes, "You are absolutely right Clunky.  We should pray and trust in God.  Simon says, "You are both crazy.  Get out of my way, I have a bad guy to hunt down and beat up."  Simon leaves yelling, "Call the police, call the FBI, call the President."  The teacher and Clunky quietly pray, and then leave to see if they can find the money, or call the Puppet Mission Trip organizers and explain what happened and ask if they can still hand in the applications today, and possibly pay later.

(This is even better if you have two or three other puppets that worry and panic with the teacher and Simon RePeter.  One of the puppets can cry, while one of them gets made.  It makes Clunky stand out that much more.)