You will need:

1 Concentration board with 16 hooks (see diagram below), 16 cards numbered 1 - 16, 16 index cards (8 cards with the words of the memory verse on them, then doubled so that they all have a matching pair.  Example: two cards would have the same word "God" on them.)

Mix up all of the index cards on the board, covering them with the cards numbered 1 - 16.  Then have one of the kids come up, and after they have answered the review question, have them pick two numbers to see if the words underneath match.  If the words match, then take the index cards off the board, and that child is a winner.  If they do not match, then cover the index cards back up. (If the child does not get a match, we give him one piece of candy, and if he does get a match, we give him two.) The object of the game is for all of the kids to pay attention and watch to see where the words are on the board, so that they can come up and find a match.