Many people view games as simply nothing more than a means by which we pass time or baby-sit the kids.  But games can become one of the more important parts of a Children's Church or Sunday School class.  They give you a chance to REVIEW all that you have just taught in a fun and attentive way.

Below is a list of different games that we have found work well in a classroom setting.  Some of the games listed are simply carnival games found at the Fair.  We make two lines on the floor with tape, then calling one of the children up front, we have them stand at the back line, and ask them a review question.  If the child answers the question correctly, they get to move to the closer line and play the game.  If the child answers the question incorrectly, don't have them sit down, but tell them and the class the correct answer and let them play from the far line.  In this way, you can review with them, telling them once again about the lesson.

If you find the kids not paying attention to the game when they are not playing, simply add this rule:  If the person gets the answer incorrect, you will not give the answer or ask the question again. Only someone who was listening and heard the question the first time will get to come up and play the next turn.  Make the game exciting, like a TV Game Show, with lights and bells and costumes, but remember that it is serious ... the kids just don't have to know it.


Matthew 4:19

"Follow me, and I will make you
  fishers of men."