Fun in the Son

Kids Crusade


If the thought of a week long VBS is not appealing to you, or if you are unable to find the teachers required by a full VBS, you just might want to take a look at this.

"FUN in the SON" is a FUN and easy two day Kids Crusade that is geared towards evangelism.  It is easy to put together, yet it will leave your kids sitting on the edge of their seats.
How good is "FUN in the SON" kids crusade?  A child from a non-Christian home who came the first night, cried because he had to leave for vacation, and was not able to go the second night.

"FUN in the SON" is set in the Hawaiian Islands.  Two brothers, while on their summer vacation, find a hidden treasure map, and spend the next two days running from the infamous Captain Crook, while searching for the treasure.  Though they do not find the treasure they are looking for, they do find a treasure greater than any they could have imagined.

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Matthew 4:19

"Follow me, and I will make you
  fishers of men."