Where's Ned
Where's Ned is a silly game played on Power Point.  Ned is a "not so smart" puppet that comes up during Children's Church. 

On the Power Point presentation, there are six squares with the numbers one through six on them (see diagram 1).  Behind each number is a picture of one of the Children's Church puppets or teacher (see diagram 2).  The object of the game is to guess the number with the picture of Ned. 

We pick six kids one at a time, and after they answer one of the review questions, they get to pick a number.  We then give them a card with the matching number on it.  After six kids have been picked, we then start to take away the boxes on the Power Point one at a time to reveal the puppet behind, or "Find Ned" (see diagram 3)   If it is one of the other puppets behind the number, there is a buzz, and the child who picked that number sits down.  If it is the picture of Ned, there is a bell, and that child wins the prize (see diagram 4).

You will need:

1 Where's Ned Power Point Game.  (Actually, you will want to have four or five ready depending on the time you have.)
6 Cards numbered one through six.
Diagram 1:  Where's Ned Power Point game. Diagram 2:  Take away one number at a time.

Diagram 3:  The child with each incorrect number sits down. Diagram 4:  Until we find Ned and our winner.

The important thing to remember about "Where's Ned" or any other game, is not just to have fun, but to review the lesson.