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Jesus is the Only Way
Prayer is Talking to God
The Second Coming
Can Do All Things
Reading Your Bible
Sharing, Love ...
Love, Kindness
Being a Doer of the Word
Run the Race to Win
God Can Use You
Not Just Hearing
Obeying Your Parents
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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you are like me, you are probably tired of forking out a lot of money for curriculum that is just not worth it !!!  I know that many of you have good ideas and quality programs, but you need some new and fresh ideas to use every once in a while. God has put on my heart to write down some of the best ideas we have had in the past 15 years, to pass them on to others. Jesus said, "Freely ye have received, freely give", and being the God didn't charge us for the ideas He gave, we aren't going to charge, but give to others what He has given to us.

We also suggest, and ask that you come up with your own names in the place of the names you will find on the following pages. This will allow for your Children's Church to be unique, and fitted to your own personalities and characters. If every church had a puppet with the same name, yet they all looked and sounded different, this would seem strange to a child who might visit your church on one particular Sunday.

If you have enjoyed this curriculum, please feel free to duplicate it and give it to others. This ministry's purpose is to get kids to Jesus, and to get the words of Jesus to the kids. Also, if you have any ideas you would like to share, please send them in, and we gladly will pass them on.

Peter says in II Peter 1:12-15 that he continually put the people in remembrance of God's truths even though they already knew them and were established in those truths, so that when he would go on to be with the Lord, the people would have those truths firmly and deeply rooted in their minds. In the same way, we in the Children's Ministry need to continually put our kids in remembrance of Jesus and His truths, even though they think they know it all and are established in those truths, so that when they leave our Sunday School, they will always have these truths firmly and deeply rooted in them, and be able to stand strong in the faith of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you have found this curriculum helpful, or if you haven't, please email us and let us know what you think. Your opinion is not only desired, but needed. clunky@fishersofkids.com

Now, God bless you as you minister unto God's children.

                    Dan Harris
Joshua skits are family situation skits, with a little boy named Joshua, who is just like any other Christian boy or girl you might know. He loves God with all of his heart, and he knows the Bible, but just like all little children, he needs to learn to do what the Bible says. Joshua is a little kid, and therefore helps the kids in your class to relate with what you are teaching. Josh, Sis, and Billy (Josh's friend) all talk wike wittow kids (like little kids) and Billy always spits when he says a word that has a letter "P" in it.
Again, we ask that you not use the names: Joshua, Sis, and Billy, but come up with names unique to your Sunday School or Children's Church. It is best that the same people play the same parts. Don't have one person play Josh one week, and then someone else who rotates in your class the next week. In time, you will really enjoy doing these skits. The longer you work together as a team, the more fun it becomes as you begin to know and flow with each other better.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Billy.)

(On stage is set up a table with four chairs. Someone comes out holding a sign that says "breakfast".)

Mom comes in and calls for Josh, Sis and Billy to come to breakfast. Everyone comes in and begins to eat. Mom stops them and tells them that they must pray first, and asks Josh if he would like to have the honor. Josh gets a look of panic on his face, and then begins to cough, and rub his neck, telling Mom that his throat hurts too much. Mom then asks Sis to pray, and she prays a "King James" kind of prayer. They all eat. (You can either mime the eating, or really eat. Either way works fine.) After they eat, everyone leaves except for Josh. He stays and talks to the kids, asking them if they heard how good his little sister prayed, and then telling them how he is afraid to pray because he is a bad pray-er. Josh then leaves.

(Someone comes out holding a sign that says "lunch".)

Mom comes out, and yells for everyone to come to lunch. They all come and begin to eat. Again, Mom stops them, and tells them that they must pray first, and then asks Josh if he would like to pray for lunch. Josh gets a look of panic on his face, and then begins to motion to Mom that he has laryngitis. Mom then asks Billy to pray, and he too prays a very good prayer. They eat, and Mom, Sis and Billy again leave while Josh stays out and talks to the kids, telling them that even Billy, who hasn't been a Christian for very long is a better pray-er than him. While he is talking, Josh's Heart begins to talk to him, and reminds him that God is his Father, and that praying to God is just like talking to his Mom, Dad, Sis or friends. Prayer is just "Talking to God." Josh now leaves all excited.

(Someone comes out holding a sign that says "dinner".)

Mom comes out, and calls for everyone to come to dinner. They all come and sit down, and then Mom starts to eat as they all begin to look at her. Sis then says "Aren't we supposed to pray first?" Mom smiles and says that since she knows that Josh doesn't like to pray, she will. Josh tells Mom that this time he does want to pray. Mom questions Josh, and then lets him. Josh now prays the best prayer of them all. Everyone stares at him, and Mom asks where he learned how to pray like that. Josh leans back on his chair, crosses his legs, and says "Mom, Prayer is just Talking to God." They all eat, and then leave.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom, and Sis.)

Josh and Sis enter all excited, because this is the week that Mom promised to take the two of them to the store. Sis is excited about the new dolly she is going to be getting, and Josh is excited about the new baseball uniform he will be getting. Josh tells Sis and the kids that the uniform he had last year was used, and had grass stains on the knees, tears in his pants that Mom was always sewing up, and it belonged to Johnny Mustard, who never took a shower and left yellow stains in the arm pits. But now this year, he will look cool in a brand new white uniform. Mom enters in a rush, and Josh and Sis ask her when they are going to the store. Mom tells them that they are going to have to put that off until next month, and that she doesn't have time to explain it to them now. Josh and Sis begin to complain, but Mom has to leave, and tells them that she will be back in an hour. While Mom is gone, Josh and Sis begin to talk about how Mom lied to them, and broke a promise. Josh complains that now he will have to play ball in that old stained uniform again, and everyone will make fun of him. Josh then tells Sis that he will never forgive Mom for the rest of his life. Sis agrees, and they both leave.

(Someone comes in with a sign that says "One Hour Later")

Josh and Sis enter still complaining, when Mom comes back in. Mom says hello to the kids, who won't talk back to her. Mom has the kids sit down, and asks them if they are mad about her breaking her promise to take them to the store. They both say yes, and take their turns complaining. Mom now apologizes to the kids, and then explains to them why she had to break her promise. She tells them that Grandma and Grandpa's car broke down, and they didn't have enough money to fix it, so she gave them the money she was planning on using to get the kids the things they wanted. Again, she apologizes and tells them that she should have come and explained it to them at the very beginning. Josh and Sis now feel somewhat ashamed, and apologize to Mom for getting mad without knowing all the details, telling her that she has always treated them good in the past, and that they should have trusted her now. They all leave.


(Characters : Joshua and Sis.)

Josh comes out playing with one of his toys, and talks about how great a day it is. Sis then comes out, and she has one of Josh's old books and some crayons. She also talks to the kids and tells them it is so nice outside, that she is going to sit out and color. Josh walks over and looks at the book she is coloring in, and then angrily grabs it away from her and tells her that she can't color in that book. Sis asks why not, and Josh tells her "First of all, this is a reading book, and you are to read a reading book, not color in a reading book. Now if it were a coloring book, then you could color in it, cause you are supposed to color in a coloring book, but you are not supposed to color in a reading book, cause a reading book is for reading, and you're not supposed to read a coloring book, cause a coloring book is for coloring, and don't ask me to repeat that. And besides, this is MY book. Secondly, it says right here in this book (Josh pretends to be reading out of the book, knowing that Sis can't read yet. Have the book be upside down) 'This book is only for five year old boys named Josh to read, and not little sisters. P.S. Thou shalt not color in hitherto book.'" Josh then shows her the book, but being that she can't read, she just runs off and cries. Josh is now proud and happy, and repeats to the kids the thing about coloring and reading, trying to justify his actions, when Heart interrupts him. Heart tells Josh about loving and sharing, and then tells him that it is an old book, and that he never even reads it anyway. Josh decides that Heart is right, and calls for Sis to come out. She comes, and Josh grudgingly gives her the book, and tells her that she can even color in it. Josh then turns to walk away with a small sniffle, when Sis stops him and tells him that Mom just gave her two tickets to the fair for her birthday and told her that she could bring any friend she wants, and she has decided to bring Josh. They both leave happy and excited.


(Characters : Joshua, Sis, and Billy.)

Joshua and Billy come out playing super-heroes. One minute later, Sis comes out and asks if she can play too. Josh and Billy have a Super-hero huddle, and decide that they don't want her to play. Sis then pulls a couple of candy bars out of her pocket, and says to herself out loud "I guess I will have to eat these delicious, yummy candy bars all by myself." Josh and Bill quickly have another Super-hero huddle, and decide that now they will let Sis play with them. Just then, Mom comes out and tells Sis to put away the candy bars, that they can all have one later. Josh and Bill again have a Super-hero huddle, and decide that now they don't want Sis to play with then again. They tell her, and she leaves crying. Josh's Heart talks to him, and asks him if the only reason that they were gonna let Sis play is because of the candy bars. Heart then begins to talk to Josh about love. Josh decides that Heart is right, and once more Josh and Billy have a Super-hero huddle, and decide to let Sis play.

5. LOVE (2:12)

(Characters : Joshua, Sis, and someone to play their Grandpa. On stage is set a chair with a Teddy Bear and a baseball glove under it.)

Grandpa comes out and sits down on his chair, talking about how beautiful a day it is. He then decides to read his newspaper. While he is reading, Josh comes out looking around for his baseball glove. He interrupts Grandpa's reading, and tells him that he has a baseball game today, and asks him if he has seen his glove anywhere. Grandpa says no, and then begins to reminisce and tell Josh a story about when he was younger and played baseball. While Grandpa is telling his story, Josh looks at the kids, shrugs his shoulders, and then leaves. Grandpa shortly realizes that he is alone, so he begins to read his paper again. Sis then comes out looking for her Teddy Bear. She too interrupts Grandpa and tells him that she is going to a slumber party and she needs her Teddy, and was wondering if he had seen it. Grandpa says no, and again begins to reminisce, telling her about the time when he was younger, and he and his neighbor went camping in the back yard. She looks at the kids, shrugs her shoulders, and then leaves. Again, Grandpa realizes that he is alone, and begins to read his newspaper. Josh comes back out looking for his glove, and Grandpa begins to tell the story about when he played little league. While Grandpa is rambling on, Josh sees his glove under the chair, takes it quietly, and leaves. Grandpa realizes that he is alone, and begins to cry a little. Sis comes back out (Grandpa quickly wipes his tears) and Grandpa begins telling her the story of when he went camping again. While he is rambling on, Sis sees her Teddy Bear under the chair, takes it, and quietly leaves. For the last time, Grandpa realizes that he is alone, and begins to cry saying that nobody loves him. Josh and Sis come out together, see Grandpa crying, and tell him that they love him and are sorry for not spending time with him, and that they really do want to hear the stories about him when he was younger. Grandpa smiles, and begins to tell the stories as they all walk out together.

6. LOVE (1:7)

(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Billy.)

Josh, Mom and Sis come out, with Mom chiding Josh, saying "I just don't believe you sometimes, Joshua. Do any of those lessons in Sunday School ever sink into that head of yours?" Sis says, "Sometimes I wonder if you are even a Christian." They all leave to get ready for Church. Billy then comes out to play, falls down and gets hurt. Sis comes out on her way to Church, sees Billy lying there, and says "Yuk, I don't even want to touch him." She then leaves. Mom comes out next, sees Billy lying there, thinks about helping, but then leaves, saying to herself "I am late for my Sunday School Class, and I am the teacher." Josh then comes out, sees Billy lying there, and stops to help him to his feet, and offers to help him home, thus making Josh very, very late for Sunday School. Josh and Billy leave. Later Mom, Sis and Josh come back out with Mom and Sis getting all over Josh about being late for Sunday School. Mom then tells him "I hope you have a very good reason why you were late for Sunday School" and Sis saying, "I still wonder if he is even a Christian." Josh then explains why he was late, and Mom realizes that it is Joshua who has acted as the real Christian that day. They all leave.


(Character : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Billy. Ticket to the Fair.)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 1")

Josh and Billy come out all excited about the Fair just being three days away, and begin to talk about all the rides that they are going to ride on, and games they are going to play. Billy pulls out his ticket to show Josh, and asks Josh if he has gotten his ticket yet. Josh pulls out $5.00, the price of a ticket, and says no, but that he will get one tomorrow. Billy tells him to hurry, cause he heard that there aren't many tickets left, and once they are gone, it is too late. Josh tells him that he is planning to get one later that day, right after they get done playing. They both leave all excited.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 2")

Josh comes out all excited. Sis then comes out and asks Josh what he is so excited about. Josh tells her the Fair, and then shows her the $5.00 to get a ticket. Sis pulls out two tickets, one for her and one for her friend, and then tells him she heard that they were almost sold out, and that he had better hurry and get one. Josh says he knows, and that he is planning to go down to the ticket office right after he gets done playing. They both leave to play.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 3")

Josh and Mom come out, and Mom asks Josh if he has gotten his ticket to the Fair yet. Josh again says no, and Mom tells him that he can't go to the Fair if he doesn't have a ticket. Josh says he knows, and that he will go the first thing in the morning. They both leave with Josh promising he will for sure get one later.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 4 - the day of the Fair")

Billy and Sis come out all excited about the Fair, and Billy asks Sis where Josh is. She tells him that he went down to go buy his ticket, and that he should be home any minute. Josh comes in all sad, and Sis asks him if he got his ticket. Josh pulls out his $5.00 and tells them that he went down to the ticket office first thing in the morning, but by the time he got there, they had run out. Billy and Sis tell Josh that they are sorry to hear that, but then leave to go to the Fair all excited. Josh leaves mumbling that this is the worst day in his entire life.


(Characters : Joshua and Christopher, one of Josh's friends who isn't saved yet. You will also need a telephone on the stage.)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 1")

Christopher (Josh's friend) comes out playing, and decides to call Josh on the phone and ask him if he can come over and play because he is bored. Josh answers the phone (we can hear Josh's voice, but we can't see him) and tells him that he will be right over. Josh comes over, and they begin to play, and Josh stops and tells Chris that he had a strange dream about Jesus coming back, and asks Chris if he has accepted Jesus into his heart yet. Chris says no, and tells Josh "I only have one hour to play before dinner, so let's talk about this some other time." They both leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 2")

Chris comes out and again decides to call Josh. Josh comes over and again tells Chris about Jesus, that he can't go to heaven unless he has Jesus in his heart, and that Jesus is coming back soon. Chris tells him that he doesn't feel like talking about it now, but that maybe some other time he will. They both leave playing.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 3")

Same as days 1 and 2. Josh tries to explain the Rapture, but Chris tells Josh "I don't want to talk about it now, because I have to go in pretty soon, but I promise I will talk about it with you tomorrow. For now though, let's just play." Josh makes Chris promise, which he does, and the two boys leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 4")

Chris comes out, and again decides to call Josh on the phone. Chris mentions that he knows that Josh is home, because he just saw him go into his house ten minutes ago, and their car is still in the drive way. Chris makes the call, but this time there is no answer. The phone continues to ring, as Chris then looks at the kids, hangs up the phone, and then quietly leaves.

***For something cute to do, on day two, have an Operator answer the phone and say something silly, or have one of your puppets answer the phone and say "Hello, this is Clunky's (your puppet's name) Dating Service, this is the Clunkster, if you are a girl, please leave your name and phone number, and I will call you back as soon as I can." Then later in the service, you can talk to the puppet, and tell him that you called a wrong number, and got his Dating Service, and have the puppet try to squirm his way out of it.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom, and Sis. You will need a transformer toy.)

Josh comes out with a new transformer toy he has just gotten for his birthday, and begins to play with it. Mom comes out and tells Josh to go up and clean his bedroom. Josh goes, but leaves his transformer on stage. Sis comes out, finds the toy and begins to play with it, messing it up. When Josh comes back out, he sees Sis with his toy and gets mad at her. He gets even madder when he sees that she has messed it all up. They both try to fix it, but to no avail, so Josh throws it down on the ground and says he never liked the dumb toy anyway. Mom comes out and asks Josh what the problem is, and he explains to Mom, who asks him if he read the directions. Josh says no, so they pull out the directions and begin to work on it. For added humor, have the transformer not work, then have Sis grab the directions out of Josh's hand and flip them around, telling him they are upside down. They start over, and sure enough, the transformer works.

(The Bible is a book of directions for our lives.)

10. THOUGHTS (2:2)

(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Billy and Big Bully.)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 1")

Josh and Billy come out playing, when Big Bully comes up pushing Josh around jokingly, and making fun of him. Bully then leaves with Billy, and Josh starts thinking out loud, that he wishes he could get even with that Big Bully. Josh leaves.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Joshua's Thoughts.")

Josh now comes out with cool glasses and padding for big muscles. Bully comes out wearing nerdy glasses. Josh walks up to him and pushes Bully so that he cries. Josh gets a big smile on his face, and they both leave. (For added fun, because this is Josh's dream, you can have some of the girls in your Children's Church come up and make a big deal about him, telling him how strong and cute he is.)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 2" - same as day 1)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 3" - same as day 1)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 4")

Josh comes out playing with Bill, when Big Bully shows up. But before Bully can do or say anything, Josh turns and pushes or hits him just like in all of his thoughts, so that Bully gets hurt and starts crying. Bully gets up and says that he is going to tell Josh's Mom, who just then walks out. Bully tells Mom, and Josh gets into big trouble.

Jesus said that not only is doing bad things wrong, but thinking about doing bad things is also wrong. We tend to do what we think.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom and a Doctor.)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 1")

Josh comes down with a cough, and Mom calls for the Doctor. The Doctor arrives, examines Josh (Josh sits on the table, and the Doctor hits him on the right knee with his little reflex hammer, but it is Josh's left knee that moves. Then when he hits him on the left knee, it is his right knee that moves. Every time the Doctor touches Josh, he starts to laugh because he is tickling him.), and then gives him some medicine, telling him that if he takes his medicine, he will be better in just a couple of days. Josh asks the Doctor if he will get better in time to go to the Fair on Friday. The Doctor says yes, just as long as he takes his medicine, and does what he says. Mom asks Josh if he heard what the Doctor said, and Josh says "Yes, Mom. If I take my medicine, I will be well in time for the Fair." Mom thanks the Doctor, and they all leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 2")

Josh and Mom come out, and Mom asks Josh if he has taken his medicine yet. Josh says "No, not yet, but I will later." Mom reminds Josh of what the Doctor said, and Josh says "Yeah, yeah, I know. If I take the medicine, I will be better in time for the Fair." They both leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 3" - same as Day 2)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day 4")

Billy comes over to Josh's house with two tickets to the Fair, and asks Mom if Josh is ready to go. Mom tells Billy, "Josh is still sick, and won't be able to go to the Fair this year." Billy asks, "Didn't the Doctor tell Josh that if he would take his medicine, be would be better in time to go?" Mom explains, "That is just the point, Josh didn't take his medicine like he was supposed to, and now he is not well enough to go." Josh comes out coughing. Billy tells him he looks terrible, and that he will sure miss him at the Fair this year. Billy then leaves excited about the Fair. Josh says, "I wish I would have taken my medicine like I was supposed to." Mom and Josh both leave.

12. GOD CAN USE YOU (1:4)

(Characters : Joshua, Sis, Billy, Big Bully and an old lady.)

Josh, Billy and Sis come out, with Bill and Sis razzing Josh about how dumb he is. Josh says that he is not dumb, so Billy points down to the ground behind Josh and says "Look, a $20 bill on the ground right behind you." Josh turns around and bends over to look, and Billy gives him a swift kick in the backside, causing Josh to fall down. Billy and Sis leave, laughing and teasing Josh about being a dumb little kid. Josh begins to think out loud, that Billy and Sis are right, that he is a dumb little kid and that God could never use anyone like him. Heart begins to talk to Josh, and tells him, "You're not a dumb little kid, granted you're no brain surgeon, but you are not a dumb little kid." Josh argues with Heart, but Heart begins to tell Josh about how David was just a poor little shepherd boy, and that Peter was an unlearned fisherman, but to look at what they did, and that with God, he is important, and could do great things as well. Josh realizes that Heart is right, and then leaves. The little old lady comes out, and begins to walk across the stage, when Big Bully comes out and tells her that he wants all of her money. Josh, Billy and Sis come back out and see this. Billy and Sis panic, but Josh encouraging himself in the Lord, walks up to Bully and asks him if that is his $50 bill on the ground behind him. Bully turns and bends over to look, Josh looks at the kids with a great big smile on his face, and then kicks Bully in the backside, causing him to fall down. Josh then helps the little old lady out, telling her about Jesus. Bully then gets up and leaves.


(Characters : Joshua, Sis, Billy, a teacher, and other students. We begin this skit in a classroom setting.)

The bell rings, and the kids come in to the class and sit down on their seats. Josh and Billy are monkeying around in the back, while Sis and her friend come in and sit politely. The Teacher then comes in and tells the class to sit down and get out their books. He turns and begins to write on the chalkboard while lecturing to the kids, when Josh and Billy start goofing around. (They can be throwing paper wads, drawing funny pictures of the teacher, teasing the girls...) The Teacher turns around and asks Josh and Billy if they are listening to what he is saying. The two boys say together "Yes, Mr. Johnson." He then gets after Josh and Billy, and tells them to behave and listen to the lesson. He turns back to the chalkboard and begins teaching. Again, the boys begin goofing around, and again the teacher turns and tells them to be quiet, and asks them if they are listening at all to the lesson. Josh and Billy say, "Yes, Mr. Johnson." Once more, the teacher turns and writes on the board, and Josh and Billy begin goofing around, but this time while the teacher is talking and writing on the chalkboard, he says, "Anyone who stays after class will get a free candy bar." Then turning around, he asks "Josh and Billy, are you listening to me?" They say yes, though they weren't, and the bell rings just then, and Josh and Billy get up quickly and leave the class, while Sis and her friend stay after school and get the free candy bar. The Teacher and girls then leave.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Bully.)

Josh and Sis come in playing while Mom cleans, and begin talking about the service at church, and about how important it is to witness. Josh decides he is going to witness to Bully, and asks Mom if he can come over for some cookies and witnessing. Mom says yes, so Josh calls Bully, and asks him to come over for some cookies and ball, "Hello Bully buddy ole pal, this is Joshua, and I .... what? Joshua. Anyway buddy, I wanted to know if ... what? Joshua Christianson. Like I was saying, wanted to know if you would... what? Joshua, the kid that you beat up after school everyday. No the other one, yeah yeah, the one you stepped on yesterday. Anyway, I wanted to know if you wanted to come over and eat some cookies and play some ball? What? My mom is baking the cookies now. Huh? Does she bake good cookies? Don't ask me, you're the one who always takes them from me at lunch and eats them. Yeah, those cookies. Alright, I will see you in about one hour. Bye." They all leave to get ready.

Later, Josh and Sis come back in expecting Bully at any time. Bully knocks at the door, and Josh lets him in. Bully asks, "Where are the cookies?" Josh tells him that they will get to the cookies, but first he wants to tell him about Jesus. Bully gets mad and steps on Josh's foot, then hits him on the top of the head. Bully leaves, and Mom comes in asking what happened. Sis explains, and Mom asks him if he is all right. Josh says that his foot and head hurt, but that for some strange reason, he feels good. Mom tells him that he has acted just like the Apostles, being persecuted for Jesus. Sis tells him that he is brave. Josh says, "Boy, I am just like one of the Apostles." Mom says, "Don't let that go to your head now." Josh replies, "Don't worry Mom, nothing has ever gotten into this head." They all leave.

15. CAN DO ALL THINGS (1:10)

(This skit goes with the puppet skit on Clunky I, skit 9)

(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, Billy and the Lone Clunker.)

Joshua, Billy and Sis come out talking about how mean old Mr. Johnson is who lives down the street. They begin to tell each other horror stories that they have heard about him. (Like he eats little kids for lunch...etc.) Mom then comes in and asks the kids what they are talking about. They tell her old Mr. Johnson, and then begin telling her about how mean he is. Mom tells them, "He was once a kind old man, but then about five years ago, something happened to cause him to change. What he needs is Jesus." Josh decides that he is going to go over there and tell him about God and Jesus. Sis and Bill tell him not to risk his life by going over there. Mom also tells him that it would probably be a waste of time, that she tried a couple of years ago, and he did nothing but yell at her and call her names. Besides, old Mr. Johnson wouldn't listen to a little kid like Josh. Sis and Billy agree, telling him that it would be like throwing pearls to swine. Mom, Sis and Billy leave with Josh now discouraged, when in the background we hear the sound of hoofs, as the Lone Clunker comes up and tells Josh, "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you." The Lone Clunker leaves, and Josh decides that he is right, and that he is going over to tell old Mr. Johnson about Jesus. Josh then leaves. Later, Mom and Sis come back out and begin wondering where Joshua went. Mom says, "You don't suppose he went over to old Mr. Johnson's house, do you?" Sis begins to worry, thinking that Josh could be in trouble over there. While they are talking, Josh comes in all excited, with a big smile of his face. Mom asks Josh where he has been, and he tells them that he went over to witness to old Mr. Johnson. Sis asks what happened, and Josh tells them that Mr. Johnson hadn't accepted Jesus into his heart yet, but that he did ask him if he could come back tomorrow, and tell him more about it. They all leave very excited about the possibility of what may happen.

16. GIVING (1:11)

(Characters : Joshua, Sis, and Billy.)

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Week 1")

Josh and Billy come in playing basketball. They quit, and begin talking about how much fun it was washing cars this past weekend. Billy says that he put part of the money he earned into his "Buddy Barrel" (Buddy Barrel is the Assemblies of God Children's Missions Department), and asks Josh how much he put in. Josh tips his barrel upside down (it is empty), hesitates, and then explains that he saw this neat squirt gun on sale at the store, and he just had to buy it now, because next week it wouldn't be on sale, or someone else may buy it before him. He says though, that next week he would make sure and put extra into his Buddy Barrel. The boys play some more, and then leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Week 2")

Josh and Sis come out playing, and talking about what they did with this month's allowance they got. Sis says that she put part of it into her Buddy Barrel, and the rest she is saving to buy a new dolly. Josh says that he was in the store, when the candy section began calling to him, saying "Josh, buy me, buy me!" So he bought the candy. Sis asks him how much he put into his Buddy Barrel, and Josh tipping his barrel upside down says, none yet, but that next week, he will for sure put extra into his Barrel. The kids then leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Week 3")

Josh and Billy again come out playing basketball, and as they stop to take a breather, they begin talking about what they did with the money they earned mowing lawns. Billy says he put part of his into his Buddy Barrel, and it is beginning to get full. He is excited, because he knows it will go to tell lots of kids in other countries about Jesus. The rest he says he is saving for a new toy. Billy then asks Josh if he put that extra money into his Buddy Barrel. Josh tips his empty Barrel over, and once again comes up with an excuse, saying that he had to pay back his sister the money that he owed her, because she was getting mad. Billy asks what money did he owe her, and Josh says the 75 cents that he borrowed from her at the fair to buy a hot dog. Billy says, "That was nine months ago." Josh says, "That's why she was getting mad." But he says he will absolutely, without a doubt, make positively sure that this last week before Missions Sunday, he will put all the money he gets into his Barrel. Josh and Billy get up, play some more ball, and then leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Buddy Barrel Sunday")

Josh comes out looking all over for his Buddy Barrel, and finally finds it. He tips over the empty barrel, and then looks at the kids with a funny face. He quickly searches his pockets, and finds one nickel that he dumps into his Barrel. Billy and Sis come in, both with their Barrels pretty full, excited about the opportunity of giving the money to help other children, and tell them about Jesus. They all leave with Billy and Sis happy and excited, while Josh feels ashamed that he spent all of his money on himself.

17. GIVING - love (1:1)

(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Billy. Award Certificate.)

Josh and Billy come out playing. They stop, and Josh asks Billy what's going on in that Scout troop he joined. Billy tells Josh that they are going to be having the annual soap box derby, and his dad gave him $10.00 to build his car. He then asks Josh if he wants to help him build it. Josh says yes, and they both leave to go ask Billy's dad if he would take them to the store to get the materials for the car.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Two Weeks Later.")

Josh and Sis come out and finish cleaning the room. Mom comes out and gives both of them a dollar for their allowance, and asks them what they are each going to do with their money. Sis says she has saved enough money, so that after she pays her tithes, she is going to go down to the store and get that dolly she has been wanting. Josh says he is going down to the store to buy that candy that keeps calling him every time he walks by the candy section. Mom and Sis leave, and Josh calls Billy on the phone, and asks him if he wants to come over so that they can go to the store and buy that candy. Billy comes, but is not in a very happy mood. Josh asks him what's the matter, and Bill explains that he only has enough money left over of the $10.00 his dad gave him, to buy the cheap wheels for his car, and that he might as well not even enter the race with those old wheels. He tells Josh that some of the kids are getting the new faster high-tech wheels, and they are going to win, even though their cars aren't as good. Josh asks him how much he is short, and Bill tells him .95 cents. Josh turns away from Billy and pulls out his dollar. He looks at Billy, then at the dollar, then at Billy, then at the dollar, then he decides to give to Billy his dollar so that he can go out and buy the new wheels for his car. Billy can't believe it, and is so grateful he hugs Josh. (Billy and Josh then act manly after hugging, asking each other sports questions.) The two boys leave to go buy the wheels.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "Day of the Race.")

Josh and Billy come out running and all excited, with Billy holding an award certificte, and wearing a blue ribbon pinned to his shirt because his car won first prize. Billy again thanks Josh, and tells him that it wouldn't have been possible without him. Josh acts humble. Billy then pulls out a gift certificate for $50.00 given to him for first place, and tells Josh that he is going to let him have $25.00 of it. Josh tells him that he only gave him $1.00, but Billy explains that he wouldn't have gotten anything at all, if it wasn't for the $1.00 that Josh gave him for the wheels. The boys leave excited, and talking about what they are going to buy with their share of the money.


(Characters : Joshua and Billy.)

Josh and Billy come out all excited about the baseball try-outs to be held in three weeks. Billy decides that he is going to go on a strict training program, while Josh on the other hand is so overconfident with his so called natural talents, he is just going to take it easy. Billy tries to tell Josh that there will be a lot of boys trying out, and only the 20 best will be allowed on the team. Josh says, "No sweat. With my natural great batting ability, and swiftness of foot in the outfield, I am a shoo-in for the team." Billy begins his training by telling Josh he is going to run home the long way around the block. Billy leaves running, Josh casually follows with a yawn.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "1 week later".)

Billy comes running onto the stage, followed a couple of seconds later by Josh, who is holding and eating a bag of potato chips and pop. (For added fun, have Josh come in with a small pillow under his shirt to make him look a little heavier when he comes out, and each time make it a little bigger pillow.) Billy gets down and starts doing push-ups, while Josh sits down and begins to count. Billy tries to persuade Josh to train with him, but Josh tells him he has his own work out scheduled. (Josh then grabs one potato chip and sticks it in his mouth, counting one...and so on.) The boys leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "2 weeks later".)

Billy comes running onto the stage, followed a little farther behind by Josh now holding and eating a couple of Twinkies. Once more, Billy tries to convince Josh to train for the try-outs, but Josh still won't take heed, and tells him that with his trusty bat, "Charlie" (Charlie is what Josh calls his bat) he is so confident he will make it, that if he doesn't, he will eat his hat. Some little kid comes out and steals Josh's Twinkie while he is talking to Billy. Josh chases him back behind stage. We hear Josh tell him to give him his Twinkies back or else his name will be mud. Josh tells him that there is not room in this children's church for the two of them. We then hear Josh trying out Karate on him, but then quit and tell him, "Hey give me back Charlie.. owe, don't hit me with ... owe, don't hit me with ... owe." We then see Josh fly backwards past the window. He comes up to the window, looks and Billy and says, "I will be just one minute." We hear a slap, and Josh goes flying past the window again. He comes up to the window, slaps himself in the forehead, and says, "Now I'm mad." Josh goes back after the kid. Josh finally comes out with his Twinkie all smashed and his clothes in disorder, but satisfied that he got his Twinkie. Billy gets down on the floor and begins doing sit-ups. Josh sits on a chair, and begins to hold his stomach. They leave.

(Someone comes out with a sign that says "The week of try-outs".)

Billy comes in jumping up and down, all excited because he made the team. Josh follows, with his head hung down, because he failed to make the team. Billy tells him, "I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so." Josh just mumbles to himself complaining how unfair the coaches were. The boys then leave with Billy reminding Josh that he has to eat his hat. Josh gets mad and chases him out.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom, Sis, and Billy.)

Mom comes in and begins cleaning the house. Josh comes in and asks Mom if she has seen Billy, because he said he was coming over. Mom says no, so Josh asks if he can call him. Josh calls and asks Billy where he is. Billy tells him that he will be over in just one second. Josh says, "It will take longer than one second," but Billy assures him, so Josh tells him he will start counting. As soon as Josh hangs up the phone, he begins to count, and just as he finishes saying one, Billy comes in. Josh asks how he can do that so fast when he lives four houses down. Billy and Josh begin goofing around. They all talk, as Mom begins to leave to go outside. She tells the boys to behave, and Josh tells her that they are just going to toss the ball around. Mom tells them not to do it in the house, because things might get broken, or someone might get hurt. Mom then leaves. Josh and Billy then begin to horse around, and Josh throws the ball at Billy hitting him in the head. Billy begins to cry, and Josh begins to panic, and runs out to get Mom. (For added fun, you can have Billy holding a little bit of catsup hidden in his hand to wipe on his forehead when he gets hit with the ball.) Mom comes in, looks at Billy's head, and tells the boys that the first thing they need to do is to pray. Josh says "no, the first thing we need to do is call an ambulance," and frantically goes to the phone to call 911. Josh asks Mom what the number to 911 is. Josh calls 911, but they think it is a prank call, so they hang up, and Josh begins to panic more. Meanwhile Mom begins to pray for Billy, that his head would begin to get better, and that the pain would begin to go away. Billy looks up and thanks Mom, telling her that his head is beginning to feel better all ready. Josh is amazed. Mom tells Billy that they should take him home so that his Mom can look at him. They all leave.


(Characters : Joshua, Mom, and Billy.)

Mom comes out complaining about mice, and in front of the class, sets a mouse trap in a cookie jar. Josh and Billy come in playing cops and robbers, running around shooting each other. They stop playing and realize that they are very hungry and ask Mom if they can have something to eat. Mom says no, and tells the boys that she is going to the store to get something for supper, and will be back in just a couple of minutes. Josh tells Mom that they will eat all of their supper later, and asks if they can have one little cookie to tide them over until then. Again, Mom says no, and as she leaves she tells the boys not to get into the cookie jar, and she will have a special surprise for them when she gets home. Mom leaves, and Josh and Billy start playing by the cookie jar. Josh looks at it, and tells Billy that if they just have one tiny little cookie, Mom will never know. He then tries to justify himself by saying that if he has one cookie now, the next time Mom says he can have a cookie, he won't eat one then. Billy tries to talk him out of it, but Josh doesn't listen, and decides to take one. As he puts his hand into the cookie jar, the mouse trap goes off, and just then Mom comes home from the store. (Josh has something in his hand to set the mouse trap off with, then puts his finger in the trap.) Josh tries to hide the trap behind his back, and has a look of pain on his face. Mom asks him what he has behind his back, and Josh plays around with her for a while, but then finally shows her his hand and begins to cry, begging her to take it off. Mom takes the trap off his hand, and then explains to Josh about obedience, that she wasn't trying to be mean when she said he couldn't have a cookie, but knew about the danger. She then shows him the special surprise they would have gotten if they had obeyed her. Josh tells her he is sorry, and says that he shouldn't have done it, because he really doesn't like those cookies with the little chocolate chips on them that much anyway. Mom tells him there were no chocolate chips in those cookies. They all leave with Josh promising never to disobey Mom again.