Once again, I will probably get some dissenting votes on this one, but this is simply a tip that might help.  This is certainly not a, "thus saith the Lord".

I do not decorate the walls of my Children's Church.  The only decorations I have are the props on the stage.  I do this for one reason, it gives the kids only one thing to look at, me.  Kids are easily distracted.  Actually, so are adults.  When I am sitting in the adult service, and I begin to lose interest in the sermon (I know none of you do that :o) I find myself easily distracted by the banners and other things hanging on the walls or from the ceiling.  By taking away the cute posters and banners on my Children's Church walls, I have taken away a distraction for the kids.

What we do, is have a bulletin board on wheels.  We pull it on stage before the service with any posters about current events for the kids to read while they are sitting waiting for the service to begin.  But once it does begin, I like all eyes on me.

I know many others who like the posters and banners, but I have found having bare walls helps me keep better control of my kids.
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