Occasionally we will have a contest to bring visitors to children's church, Sunday School or a special event, but we conduct our contest for those who bring visitors a little differently.

We donít want the kids to think that bringing only one friend is unimportant, God rejoices when just one person comes to Christ.  So, we tell the kids that for every new friend they bring, they will have their name put into a bucket.  Then we pick the winners from the bucket.  The more friends they bring, the better their chances of winning, but even the child who brings only one visitor will have a chance to win.  This encourages those kids who know they only have one or two friends they can invite.  I have often heard kids say, "I know I can't win, so why try."

**Secretly though, I do buy a couple of extra prizes just in case some child really does do a good job of bringing friends in and doesnít win in the drawing.  I pull them aside afterwards and give them a special prize.  They really get a kick out of that.
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