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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If you are like me, you are probably tired of forking out a lot of money for curriculum that is just not worth it !!!  I know that many of you have good ideas and quality programs, but you need some new and fresh ideas to use every once in a while. God has put on my heart to write down some of the best ideas we have had in the past 15 years, to pass them on to others. Jesus said, "Freely ye have received, freely give", and being the God didn't charge us for the ideas He gave, we aren't going to charge, but give to others what He has given to us.

We also suggest, and ask that you come up with your own names in the place of the names you will find on the following pages. This will allow for your Children's Church to be unique, and fitted to your own personalities and characters. If every church had a puppet with the same name, yet they all looked and sounded different, this would seem strange to a child who might visit your church on one particular Sunday.

If you have enjoyed this curriculum, please feel free to duplicate it and give it to others. This ministry's purpose is to get kids to Jesus, and to get the words of Jesus to the kids. Also, if you have any ideas you would like to share, please send them in, and we gladly will pass them on.

Peter says in II Peter 1:12-15 that he continually put the people in remembrance of God's truths even though they already knew them and were established in those truths, so that when he would go on to be with the Lord, the people would have those truths firmly and deeply rooted in their minds. In the same way, we in the Children's Ministry need to continually put our kids in remembrance of Jesus and His truths, even though they think they know it all and are established in those truths, so that when they leave our Sunday School, they will always have these truths firmly and deeply rooted in them, and be able to stand strong in the faith of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you have found this curriculum helpful, or if you haven't, please email us and let us know what you think. Your opinion is not only desired, but needed. clunky@fishersofkids.com

Now, God bless you as you minister unto God's children.

                    Dan Harris

"Clunky" is a puppet who is always listening to the memory verse and Bible story, but like Nicodemus when he talked with Jesus about being born again, doesn't quite understand what is meant.  For example: In the book of Ephesians, it talks about having the "Shield of Faith," so Clunk comes up carrying a cardboard shield with the words "faith" written on it. With Clunk always goofing up, this gives you a good opportunity to explain to him, and to the children, what exactly is meant in that particular verse or story.  We stress that these are only skeletal ideas, and that you will need to take time on your own to figure out exactly what you are going to say.


Mr. Sin is a human puppet who is dressed to look like a bad person. His goal in life is to try and keep the children from learning the memory verse.

We write our week's memory verse on five or six balloons, and then tape them to the puppet stage. One of the teachers comes up front and has the children say the memory verse with them. Mr. Sin then comes up, and tries to convince the children to not listen to the teacher, but to listen to him and not say the memory verse. He then pops one of the balloons, and leaves thinking he has ruined it for the children. (We put a pin on Mr. Sin's chin for him to pop the balloons with.) The teacher then has the children say the memory verse with one of the words now gone. Mr. Sin comes back up angry, and again tries to get the kids to listen to him, and not say the memory verse. He asks the kids if they really believe in what the Bible says, and the children without any coercion from the teacher will answer yes. When he fails, he again pops one of the balloons and leaves thinking that they surely won't be able to say the memory verse now. This goes on for as many balloons as you have. When the last balloon is popped, Mr. Sin leaves for good, but the children have memorized the memory verse.


"Bubba-Rabus" is a puppet who races the kids in saying the memory verse. We like to set it up similar to All Star Wrestling, and call it "Memory Verse Mania." We have one of the teachers come out dressed up as Bubba's Manager, and boast about how great Bubba is, and that no one can beat him in a race saying the memory verse. (The Manager also massages Bubba's shoulders before a race, encouraging him, as well as many other things a manager would do, like interfere with the race to help Bubba.) We also have one of the teachers dress up as a referee, just in case of those close calls. The Referee calls up one of the children, and at the count of three, has them go head to head with Bubba in a race to say the memory verse. If the children lose, we give them a small prize, but if they win, we give them a button saying "I BEAT BUBBA-RABBUS in MEMORY MANIA. (You can have the buttons made up at many different places in town.) The older boys really like this game because of its competitive nature.


Teacher number one comes up front and begins to go over the announcements, when Clunky comes up and interrupts her, saying that he has something important to tell her. Teacher number one tells Clunky that she is too busy, and doesn't have time for him right then, because she has to do the announcements. Clunk hangs his head slightly, and then leaves. Later in the service, teacher number two comes up to do something (like take up the offering), and Clunk comes up and interrupts him, saying that he has something very important that he wanted to tell him. He also tells Clunk that he is too busy at that time, but to maybe come back later, after the church service, and tell him. Again, Clunk hangs his head slightly, and leaves. (This can happen with as many teachers as you want. They can be telling stories, singing songs...etc.) Towards the end of the service, Clunk comes up crying and sniffling, with his bags packed, and ready to leave the church. One of the children (preferably, one of the girls who Clunk is always flirting with in church) comes up front and asks Clunk, "What is the matter?" Clunk sees her and then faints. He comes back up, and again she repeats the question. Clunk tells her that he isn't important, and nobody cares about him, or would even miss him when he is gone, so he is moving to another Children's Church. The child tells Clunk that she would miss him, and that she thinks he is very important. She then gives him a hug. Again, Clunk faints. He comes back up, while the teachers also come up front, and begin to apologize to Clunk for ignoring him, and ask him what it was that he wanted to tell them. Clunk tells them that he just wanted to tell them how much he loves each one of them. They all tell him that they love him too, and again apologize, giving Clunk a hug. (This is a good subject to do around Valentine's Day, and have the child give Clunk a Valentine's card.)


22. LOVE (1:7)

Tell the kids that you had earlier talked to Clunk, and that he was going to help you with the memory verse for today. Clunk comes up, and you can ask him if he has memorized the verse yet. He says that he started to, but now he just can't do it. When asked why, he begins with the whole long story..."I just don't love bees!" (Clunk misread the memory verse I John 4:7, and thinks it says beelovers, instead of beloved.) You ask him what he means, and he explains, "I tried to love the bees and be nice to them, but they are still always mean to me." (You try to interrupt him, but he won't let you.) "The other day, I went out to play with some of the bees in the neighborhood, and I figured we could play a game of tag. I even volunteered to be it first. So I found the most athletic bee, I think the other bees called him Sweat, and so I tagged him." (This whole time, you can be asking him questions.) "He was a sore sport though, cause he tagged back right away even though I said no tag backs. And when he tagged me he tagged really hard right in the elbow." You ask if he is OK, and Clunk tells you yes, that he prayed for it, and it got better. "I just figured that he was a bad sport, so I decided to find a girl bee, because girls are usually nicer." You ask him how he knew if it was a girl bee, and Clunk tells you "Because everyone was calling her Honey. She was just as bad a sport as Sweat, cause she tagged me back right away, really hard too." (Again you try to interrupt, but Clunk won't let you until the end of the story.) "I just figured girls are kind of emotional and stuff, so I prayed for it again, and it got better. Then I decided to give it one more chance, so I found a slow chubby looking bee. I think all the others called him Bubble or Bumble. I tagged him and guess what? He wasn't as slow as I thought he would be, and he tagged me really hard too." You ask him where the Bumble bee tagged him, and Clunk whispers in your ear that he got stung on the bottom. You ask if he prayed for it, and he tells you yes, but that this time it didn't get better, cause that is where his faith comes to an "end." "No matter what you say, I just don't love bees." You then explain to Clunk that it doesn't say "beelovers," but beloved, which means friend.


23. LOVE (1:1)

Clunky comes up frantically, looking for his bunka (his bunka is his safety blanket), and is worried that he might have lost it. Clunk tells you that he has had his bunka since the day that he was born, and that he and his bunka are one. He then tells some of the stories of different times that he went places and forgot his bunka, and what happened. (Like Dan had to spend the whole night rocking him and singing lullabies... etc.) You begin to look around a little bit, and find it semi-hidden by the couch. You pull it up, and ask Clunk if this is it. Clunk is so excited, and tells you he owes you. You both leave, as Clunk kisses and talks to his bunka.

Later in the service, some other puppet comes up to the service crying, and you go and ask him what is the matter. He tells you that he is new here, that he is visiting his grandparents up here, and misses his mommy and daddy, and begins to cry. You try to cheer him, when Clunk comes up and asks the matter. You tell him, and he looks at the new kid, then down at his blanket (which he is holding), back at the new kid, then again at the blanket, and then offers the kids to use his bunka until he goes home to his mommy and daddy. The new kid is so overwhelmed and leaves with the blanket. You too are overwhelmed by what Clunk did, and ask him why. Clunk tells you that he figured that the new kid needed his bunka more than he, and that he just tried to imagine what it would be like without his mommy, daddy and bunka. You both leave with Clunk a little misty eyed and sniffing, and you telling him that you are going to take him out for pizza after church for that.



Clunk comes up wearing a wig, and a fake nose (to make him look like he is trying to hide). You talk to him like he is new and visiting the church, but then find out that it is just Clunky. You ask him what he is doing, and he tells you that his uncle is coming to visit and he doesn't want to talk to him, cause he's kind of embarrassed (about Jesus, but he won't admit it) and is trying to hide. Tell him that he needs to tell his uncle about Jesus so that he can become a Christian. Clunk says that he has an even better idea, that you tell his uncle about Jesus, cause you're so much better at it. You explain to Clunk that if his uncle doesn't have Jesus in his heart, that he won't be able to go to heaven, then ask him if wants his uncle not to go to heaven when he dies. Clunk decides to go and tell his uncle about Jesus, so he turns and starts to walk, but doesn't go anywhere (move the puppet up and down so it looks like he is walking), then you give him a little push. While Clunk is out looking for his uncle, his uncle happens by looking for him. You have a conversation with him for a minute, and then begin to tell him about Jesus. Clunky's uncle believes, and you then lead him in a prayer of salvation. Clunky's uncle leaves to go find Clunk and tell him the good news. Seconds later, Clunk comes back not able to find his uncle anywhere. You tell him about what just happened, and Clunk leaves once more to go find his uncle again.

(You can use the Clunky puppet with a wig and glasses for his uncle, so that there is a family resemblance.)



Clunky comes up and asks you if he can go out riding trikes with some of his friends. You ask him where he is going, and who he is going with. Clunk tells you that they are just going to ride around the neighborhood with some of the boys that live down the street. You tell him you are not sure about his hanging around those boys, but Clunk begs and promises to be good, and tells you that if they begin misbehaving, he will come home. You tell him OK, but you want him to stay in the neighborhood, and not go down to that vacant lot and ride on the trails. "The police have recently put up a poster, and anyone caught riding in that area will be fined." Clunk says great, and then leaves. Later on in the service, we hear a siren and see a red flashing light. You go to the window to see what it is, and Clunk and a police officer come up. The officer explains that he caught Clunk riding his trike in the vacant lot down the street. He tells both of you that he won't fine him this time because it is his first offense. Clunk bends down and begins kissing the officer's feet. The officer then leaves, telling him that next time he will throw the book at him. After he is gone, Clunk yells out he would like to see that, and a book comes flying in and hits Clunk in the head. You talk to Clunk about his going down to the lot. Clunk tells you that the officer was nice in not pressing charges, and that he is sure you are not going to either. You tell him that yes the officer was nice, but that you are going to take his trike away from him for two whole weeks, and that if it ever happens again, he will not only have to pay the fine out of his own allowance, but that you will get rid of his trike for good, as well as give him a spanking. You can then explain to Clunk why what he did is wrong, and why you are disciplining him. Clunk apologizes, and you all leave.



Clunky comes up and asks you what you are doing tomorrow right after school. You tell him that you are busy, but then ask him what he needs. Clunk asks you if you know anyone big and strong who is free tomorrow after school. Again, you ask him why he needs someone tomorrow after school. Clunk says he has figured out a sure fire way of getting Billy Baily the bully born again. He tells you that he and a lot of friends are going to meet after school, find Billy, pin him down, and then tickle him until he asks Jesus into his heart or wets his pants, whichever comes first. You tell him that it won't work, but Clunk says they have a plan B in case plan A doesn't work...they find Billy, pin him down, and then give him a snuggy (a snuggy is when you pull up on the back of somebody's underwear. Most of the kids will know what it is. Some places also call it a weggy.) Clunk explains they will snuggy him until he accepts Jesus, or they rip his shorts, which ever comes first. You then tell Clunky that it is not supposed to be done that way. You are just to go tell them about Jesus, and about all that Jesus has done for them. Clunk tells you that if he does that, Billy Baily might get mad and beat him up. You tell Clunk about Gideon and David, and then tell him he needs to have Faith in God. Clunk sees your point, and says that he will give it a try. Clunk leaves and then comes back later in the service, all excited, because it worked. He told Billy Baily about Jesus, and Billy asked Jesus into his heart.



You come up front and tell the kids that you have a letter for Clunk from some girl named Suzy Sinster, and then yell for Clunk to come up. Clunk comes up, you tell him about the letter, and he gets very excited. Clunk tells you how that Suzy is the most best looking and popular girl in school, and that every boy wants to be her boyfriend, and that she chose him out of everyone else. Clunk is so excited, he asks you to read the letter for him out loud. The letter goes something like this:

Dearest Hunksters, (You can stop, and make comments any time you wish.)

I am madly in love with you. You are the most cute and funny boy in our class, and I am excited about our being boyfriend and girlfriend. (While you are reading, Clunk is talking to himself with excitement.) I am really looking forward to that beer party that we are going to next Saturday. I hear it will be the biggest and best ever. I am also happy that you decided to spend the night at my house that night too. (You say "I thought you asked me about spending the night at Josh's house next Saturday?") I have the "R" rated movies rented that we were planning to watch, and I just got that new album of that great new heavy metal puppet-rock group "Your Momma Is Ugly" and it's got that new hit "Step On Your Daddy's Face." By the way, I really enjoyed giving you that kiss out at recess the other day, and rubbing my fingers through your hair. I am also very proud and impressed with how you have learned to out cuss everyone in the class. You are the greatest Clunkypoo,

Love and kisses, Suzy.

You can talk to Clunk about all of these things. Clunk says he knows he probably shouldn't do them, but that she is the cutest girl in the school. You then explain to him how that she is being a bad influence on him, getting him to do things that he knows are wrong, and that if he continues to see her, she will probably end up getting him into trouble as well. Clunk realizes that you are right, and says "Actually, the girls here in Children's Church are a lot better looking, and besides, they don't do all those bad things." You both leave with Clunk telling you that he is not going to do all those things, and is going to quit being her boyfriend, and instead, tell her about Jesus.


28. GIVING (1:11)

Clunky comes up some time after the offering, with a little homemade sock puppet on his hand, and is goofing around with the puppet. You come up front and ask Clunk if he has given his offering yet. Clunk talks to the puppet, and asks him the same question. The puppet answers "No." (Clunk is supposed to be doing the puppet, so you want it to look unprofessional, having its lips not move in sync with the talking. Also, have Clunk's lips move slightly while he is doing the puppet, giving it the appearance that it is him doing it.) Clunk tells you that the puppet (actually Clunk himself, but he won't admit it) only has a nickel to give into the offering, and he thinks he may be kind of embarrassed. You begin to talk to Clunk's puppet, though actually to Clunk, and ask him why he is embarrassed. The puppet answers that he only has a nickel, and he knows that some of the kids have dimes, quarters, and even dollars. You ask Clunk's puppet if he has ever heard the story about the widow and the two mites. The puppet says no, and so you begin to quickly tell the story, and explain that Jesus isn't concerned with how much you give, but about how you give, and that his nickel means a lot to God. You then ask the puppet if he wants to give his nickel. The puppet answers yes, and so Clunk leaves for a second to get the nickel to put into the offering. Clunk and the puppet now feel good, especially knowing that the money is going to be used to tell other children about Jesus. Clunk and his puppet now leave.



Clunky and Simon RePeter are talking behind the stage. You turn the blinds slightly, so that we can see Clunk and Simon, and listen to what they say. Clunk tells Simon to watch and make sure the coast is clear, while he is sneaking two of the candy bars from back there. You close the blinds, and hide off to the side, when Simon comes to the window, and looks around. Clunk comes up and tells Simon that he got them, and the two of them run off. We can then hear Clunk and Simon dividing the candy bars. You tell the kids that you will have to have a little talk to the two boys later on.

Later in the service, Simon comes up and calls for you, and tells you what they did, and gives back the candy bar, telling you that he is sorry, and won't do it again. You thank him as he leaves, and then call for Clunky to come up. Clunk comes, and you ask him if there is anything that he would like to tell you. Clunk says no, and then you ask him about the candy bars. Clunk plays innocent, and you tell him that you over heard him earlier, and know for a fact that he took them, and that now he is going to have to be punished. Clunk rats on Simon RePeter, but you tell him that Simon repented for what he had done, and has already confessed and given back the candy bar, and that he is forgiven. Clunk then asks what the punishment is, and you tell him that you were going to take both of them out for ice-cream after church, but that now you are only going to take Simon out. Clunk then begins to apologize, really laying it on thick, but you tell him that it won't work, because he is only sorry that he got caught, not because he did something bad. You then tell Clunk that you want him to go back and think about what he has done.



Clunky comes up wearing dark clothes (a black shirt, dark hat, and dark sunglasses) talking differently than he normally does, saying things like dude, rad, and poopee (poopee is the word we use in our Children's Church to denote a "bad word" or cuss word.) You come up and ask Clunk what he is up to, and Clunk explains that he got this new puppet-rock tape from one of the kids in school, and it is the greatest. "It has totally changed my life." says Clunk. You ask him who the group is, and Clunk tells you that their name is "Your Momma Is Ugly." You ask him if that is the group that sings the song "Step On Your Daddy's Face." Clunk tells you that they are the group, and that they are totally Rad. You then tell Clunk that you read an article in the newspaper about the group, and that the article said that one of the guys in the group got arrested last year for using drugs. (If you want, you can use an old newspaper, and act like you are reading from the article.) Clunk tells you that it was a bum rap, and that you can't judge them for that one thing. You then tell him that the article said that this group has great big beer parties for the kids after their concerts. Clunk begins to stutter trying to defend them. You then tell him that it also has the words of one of their songs, and you read them... "Don't listen to your parents, don't listen to those preachers, they are all dumb anyway. Listen to us, we are where it's at, if you want to have a good time today." You then tell him it also says that the group claims that God is just a bunch of bologna. Clunk again begins to stutter as he defends them saying that he doesn't listen to the words, but to the beat. You then ask him that if he only listens to the beat, and not to the words, then where did he pick up all those words he was saying earlier. Clunk begins to realize that you are right. He decides that he is going to get rid of that tape, and pull out his good old Christian tapes. He says that he actually likes the Christian music just as much, if not more than the puppet-rock, and it doesn't have any bad words in it. Clunk then leaves to go get his tapes.



You come up to tell a story to the kids, when we hear the sound of thunder (trash can lid), see flashing lights (strobe light), and watch the stage begin to shake. You wonder out loud what it is, when a bright (flood) light comes on, and Clunky (Clunky's guardian angel) comes up dressed like an angel, with halo, white gown, and wings. You think it is Clunky, so you ask him what he is doing, and he tells you that he is not Clunky, but Clunky's guardian angel. You don't believe him, so he tries to prove it to you by telling you the story of when Clunky was a little baby, and got his finger stuck up his nose, and how you thought you would never get it out, when all of a sudden, it came out by itself. Clunk's angel tells you that it was he who pulled it out. You are startled that he knows about this incident, since Clunk was just a baby, but you still don't believe him. Clunk's angel says "Ye of little faith." You then ask him to do a miracle, to prove he is an angel, but Clunk's angel tells you that angels are not allowed to do miracles any time they want, they can only do what God tells them to do. He then tells you that what he will do to prove that he is really an angel is to turn around, and have you hold up some fingers, and he will tell you how many fingers you are holding up. You say OK, so Clunk's guardian angel turns around, you hold up three fingers, and he tells you the right answer. You look at the kids with amazement, and then hold up no fingers to try to trick him. Clunk's angel asks you when you are going to hold up some fingers, and again you look at the kids with amazement. Once more, you hold up five fingers with one hand, and two fingers with the other, and the angel tells you that everyone knows that five plus two equals seven, and then turns around. He asks if you now believe him after guessing correctly how many fingers you held up. You say yes, but that you definitely know he is not Clunky, because Clunk would not have gotten the right answer on what five plus two equals. Now convinced that it is Clunky's guardian angel, you ask him some questions about Clunky. He tells you about the incident when Clunk almost died, how that Clunk was playing in the bathroom, and while he (Clunk's angel) turned his back for just one second, Clunk fell head first into the toilet. The angel tells you that he heard some gurgling and turned to find him there. (You may tell more stories if you wish.) The angel then asks what you are teaching about today, and you tell him the Resurrection. Clunk's angel tells you that he was there that day, and saw the whole thing. You ask him some questions about the Resurrection and what happened that Easter Sunday morning, and he answers them, and tells you and the kids that Jesus really did rise from the dead, and he saw it himself. Before he leaves, you ask him why he looks like Clunk, and he tells you that if he came looking like he normally does, he would scare you and the kids, so he decided to come as the most unopposing person he knew...Clunk. You thank him for coming and talking to you and the kids. Clunky's guardian angel then leaves, and again we hear the thunder, and see the flashing lights, and shaking stage as he goes.


Clunky comes up dressed like Simon Clunker, the great witnesser for Jesus. You ask him what he is doing, and he explains to you that he listened to what the pastor had to say about witnessing, and so he went out and tried it, and it kind of worked. You ask "Kind of worked?" Clunk says yeah, that he witnessed to some guy, and he hasn't accepted Jesus yet, but he said he wants to hear more about it. So now, Clunk is going to start his trek in life as Simon Clunker, the great evangelist for Jesus, and tell others about Jesus. Clunk leaves with your encouragement. Clunk comes back later dressed normally, but wearing dark sun glasses and sniffling. You ask what is the matter, and Clunk tells you to take off the glasses. Clunk has a big black eye, and you ask what happened. Clunk explains that he started to witness to this guy, but he just walked away, so he started after him to witness some more, and the guy told him to leave him alone or else, and then walks away again, so Clunk once more goes after him, and the guy told him he didn't want to hear about any of this Jesus stuff, and punched him in the eye. Clunk then tells you that he isn't Simon Clunker the great witnesser for Jesus, but just plain Clunk the failure. You explain to Clunk that just because someone doesn't want to hear about Jesus and hits him, doesn't mean he is a failure. Then list what happened to the Apostles, and tell him that he is in very good company, and not to get discouraged, but to keep it up being Clunk, the witnesser for Jesus.

List of what happened to the Apostles:

Peter - crucified Andrew - crucified Philip - crucified Simon (Zealots) - crucified Thaddeus - crucified Bartholomew - beaten and crucified James the less - beaten and stoned Thomas - speared Matthew - slain with a halberd (a type of battle-ax) James - beheaded Stephen - stoned



Clunk comes up and asks you if he can go to Johnny's birthday party now. You tell him that he will have to wait until later, so that you can take him over there. Clunk tells you that he wants to go now, and wants to ride his tricycle over there. You tell him that he can, but that he has got to be careful. Clunk quotes all of the rules of the road you have told him in the past about riding his tricycle (looking both ways at intersections ... ) Clunk then tells you about all the people who will be there, and how much fun he is going to have. You then ask him before he leaves if he has the directions to Johnny's house, and Clunk tells you that they are somewhere in his bedroom under all of his dirty underwear and socks and stuff. You tell him to go and get it, but he tells you that he took a bath, and doesn't want to get near any of that stuff, and besides, he remembers the way because he has a photogenic mind. You tell him the importance of directions, and try to convince him to bring those directions, but to no avail as Clunk just kind of spaces you off. You both leave. Later in the service, you get a telephone call from Johnny's mother asking if Clunk was going to show up at the party, because they are going to be leaving in about 10 minutes for the bowling alley. You tell her that Clunk left about one half hour ago, and begin to worry about what could have happened to him. As you hang up, Clunk comes in huffing and puffing and all upset. You ask him how the party went, and he explains to you how he has spent the last half hour riding up and down every street in the city trying to find Johnny's house. Again you explain the importance of following directions, and if he would have listened to you, he would have already been there. (Explain also how the Bible is a direction book to heaven, and the importance of following it also, and how if you don't, you will end up going around in circles and be lost.) You then tell Clunk that they will be leaving to go to the bowling alley, and ask him if he wants a ride. Clunk says yes, and you tell him to go and get the directions, and you will meet him at the car. You both leave.


34. COMMUNION (2:11)

Clunk comes up with string tied to all of his fingers. You begin to talk to him, and then finally ask him why he has those strings tied to his fingers. Clunk tells you that he has them tied to his fingers so that he will remember. You ask what, and he tells you that the first string is tied to his finger to remind him that there is another string tied to his next finger. You ask him why he has a string tied to that finger, and he tells you that it is there to remind him of the string tied to his next finger (and so on, until he is to the last string). Finally you ask him what that last string is tied to that last finger is for, and he tells you to remind him of the string tied to his big right toe. You then ask him what all the strings on his fingers and on all of his toes are for, and he tells you that he forgot. You just look at him and sigh. You then say, "Well, all I care about right now, is did you remember to get everything ready for the communion this morning?" Clunk then tells you that he remembers what that last string is for ... to remember to get everything ready for communion. You ask him if he did and he tells you that he forgot. Clunk then leaves to go get everything ready. (The purpose of this skit is to stress the word "remember", which is the purpose of communion, to remember the death, burial, resurrection, and soon coming of Jesus.)



Clunky comes up, asking for one of the female Children's Church helpers. As they begin to talk, Clunk tells her how nice she looks, and then very quietly (so quietly, that you can't understand what he is saying) tells her how much he likes her and wishes she were his mom. She tells him that she couldn't hear him, so Clunk once again repeats himself very quietly. Again she tells him that she can't understand what he is saying, so Clunk in a normal voice now explains to her how that he as a puppet doesn't have a mommy, and that he, well, kind of wishes that she was his mom, and so he drew her a picture because she is kind of like a mom to him. Clunk tells her that he would have bought her something, but that Dan (who ever is in charge of the Children's Church) is too cheap and won't give him an allowance. "He says I can't have an allowance unless I work for it." Clunk then gives her the picture. (It is a home made Mother's Day card.) She tells Clunk that she loves it, and gives Clunk a hug. Clunk then asks her if she thinks that Marty (the name of one of the male Children's Church worker) will like the card that he drew for him for Mother's Day. She asks why he drew him a Mother's Day card, and Clunk tells her because he is like a mom to him too. Clunk then tells her that there is one more person in the Children's Church that is like a mom to him...Kristi (or the name of some girl in the Children's Church that he has a crush on) Clunk tells her that he didn't have time to make a Mother's Day card for her, so instead he will just have to give her a hug and a kiss!!!! Clunk then leaves.



One of the other puppets comes up at the beginning of the service, telling you that he lost his brand new watch, and ask if you have seen it. He tells you that he was out playing ball before church, and took off the brand new silver watch he got for his birthday, so as not to break it, but forgot about it, and when he remembered and went back to look, it was gone. You ask if he looked all over and he says yes, so tell him that no, you haven't seen it, but that you will go out and help him look after church. Clunky comes up later on in the service, and tells you what a wonderful day it has been. He tells you that while on his way to church, he was riding on his tricycle down by the ball diamond, and out of the corner of his eye, noticed something shining. He says that he went to investigate, and it was a brand new silver watch. Clunk shows you the watch. You tell Clunk that is great, because you know whose watch it is, and now he can give it to him. Clunk tells you "finders keepers, losers weepers." You ask Clunk what the Bible says about stealing, and he tells you "I didn't steal it, I found it, that's different." You then explain to him that if you find something that belongs to someone else, and don't give it back, that that is stealing. Then you ask Clunk what he would want someone else to do if the shoe were on the other foot. Clunk says "Tell them to switch feet." You then tell him what if he left something by accident, and someone found it. Clunk tells you that he would expect them to give it back, or he would beat them up. You then tell Clunk that he should do the same. Clunk goes behind the stage to find the other puppet. (We can hear Clunk and the other puppet, but we can't see them.) Clunk gives him the watch, and he tells Clunk that his dad gave him $5.00 to give as a reward to anyone who finds the watch, and he gives the money to Clunk. Clunk comes back up all excited and happy that he did the right thing, and that not only did he get $5.00, but he also feels good about what he did.



Clunky comes half way up, dressed in a raincoat, hat, and sunglasses, looks around, and then dashes back down (he does this a couple of times). You finally grab him on one of the times he comes up, and ask him what he is doing. He tells you that he is hiding, and you ask him which bully in school he is hiding from this time. Clunk tells you no bully from school, but he is hiding from the big guy himself. You ask (the name of the person in charge of the Children's Ministry)? He tells you no, that he is hiding from God (Clunk is constantly looking around while he is talking to you). You ask him why he is hiding from God, and he tells you it is because he broke the seventh commandment. You say "You mean you committed adultery?" Clunk says "Whoops, I mean the commandment about not killing." You tell him that is the sixth commandment, and then ask him how he did this. Clunk tells the story "We were playing Robin Hood, and I was playing Friar Clunk with my new bow and arrow set, when I saw a bunny rabbit run out from under the bushes. I pulled out one of my arrows, took careful aim, shot at him, and that is when it happened." You ask "When what happened?" Clunk "I shot the bunny rabbit. I never hit anything I aim at. I haven't even gotten a hole in the target set that came with the bow and arrow, because I can never hit it, how was I to know that the one time I would actually do it right would be the one time I was aiming at something." Clunk continues, "It was terrible, the arrow went right into the bunny's side, and he tried to hop away, but he couldn't, then he fell over on his little back, kicked up his legs and died. I am a murderer." Clunk then tries to leave, but you hold on to him. You then explain to Clunk the difference between murder, and killing (the difference being that murder is premeditated, and has to do with killing people, but that killing a bunny rabbit isn't murder). You can tell him that he is wrong because you have told him not to point his bow and arrow at people or things, but that he has not broken the sixth commandment. Clunk is relieved and leaves to go bury the bunny rabbit. He asks you if you think Pastor will do the service for him.


38. LYING (4:4)

Some other puppet comes up and asks if he can make an announcement. You ask him why and he tells you "I was walking into the church, when I noticed a camera lying on the ground out on the parking lot. It was about ready to get run over when I went over and picked it up. I looked at the camera and read the name on the back of it, and went to the ushers to ask whose it is, and where they would be. The usher told me that the person who owns the camera will be in the Children's Church, so here I am with the camera, ready to give it back to whoever it belongs." You tell him to go ahead and give the announcement. He says "Would (your name) come to the front and pick up your camera that was left out in the parking lot?" You tell him that it is yours. He looks at you and tells you that you look a little too old to be a kid in children's church. You tell him that you teach it. He gives you the camera, telling you not to be so careless next time, because a kind and good looking puppet may not be there to help out. You try and explain that it wasn't your fault and he says "sure" and then leaves. You turn to the kids and explain how that you lent the camera to Clunky to borrow, and now you're going to have to have a little talk to Clunk. You yell for him, and he comes up. You then tell him that you want to take a picture of the kids, and you need your camera for just a minute. Clunk begins to panic but then begins to tell a long line of lies.

Clunk - "Ahh umm oh, Pastor saw me with the camera and asked if he could borrow it." You - "I will go and get it from Pastor then." Clunk - "You can't, because he is in the middle of his sermon." You - "I will wait until after church, then talk to him." Clunk - "Ahh, he doesn't have it anymore." You - "Why not?" Clunk - "He lent it out to a missionary. Yeah." You - "I will go get it from the missionary." Clunk - "You can't because the missionary already left for his country." You - "I will call him and have him send it back." Clunk - "Ahhh, they don't have telephones where he lives." You - "I will write him a letter then." Clunk - "Now I remember, I heard that the missionary lost his luggage and your camera." You - "Then I will call the airlines and get it from them." Clunk - "Didn't you hear the news? The lost and found airplane was hijacked by ... "

You finally stop him, and tell him that you have your camera. Clunk says "Wow, a miracle." You begin to talk to him about lying, how that usually one lie leads to another, which leads to yet another, and that the best policy is to be honest in the first place. Clunk apologizes and comes clean.


39. OBEDIENCE (4:7)

You come up front to tell the Bible Story, when Clunky interrupts you. You ask Clunk what he wants, and he tells you that you promised him that the next time you told a Bible Story, he could help. You can try to talk him out of it, but to no avail, so you tell Clunk that what you want him to do is to help by being a good example. You explain that you want him to sit up straight and pay attention, and then have the kids follow his example, and do what he does. You then tell the kids that you want them to do whatever Clunky does. Clunk sits up straight, and you begin to tell the story. While you are talking, Clunk begins to lean to his left. (Hopefully, so will the kids.) You ask the kids what they are doing, and then turn around to look at Clunk, who by this time is sitting up straight again, and paying attention. You ask Clunk what the kids are doing, and he says he doesn't know, but thinks that they ought to behave themselves like him. You turn to the kids, and once again tell them to sit up straight, and follow Clunky's example. (The kids will accuse Clunky, but don't listen to them yet.) Again you start to tell the story, and this time Clunk leans to his right, and so do the kids. Again you stop and ask the kids what they are doing, and turn to find Clunk sitting up straight and paying attention. You get after the kids, and so does Clunk, telling them to behave, because this is an important Bible Story. You are impressed, and agree with Clunk. (This can happen as often as you wish.) Once more you begin to tell the story, and Clunk and the kids begin to lean, but this time you turn and find Clunk leaning. You ask him what he is doing, and he tells you "I...ahhh...I...dropped something on the floor, and I am looking for it." You tell Clunk that if it has been him this whole time, and the kids were doing what they were supposed to by following him, that he is going to be in big trouble. Clunk tells you that it won't happen again, and you begin for the last time to tell the story. Overcome by the temptation, Clunk leans and you turn to catch him. Clunk tries to apologize, but you tell him that he is going to have to get a spanking. You walk back behind the stage with Clunk (so the kids can't see you) and Clunk begins to scream and cry. You tell him that you haven't even spanked him yet, and he says "I know, I am just practicing." You spank Clunk three times, and then both of you come back out front, with Clunk softly crying. You ask him "Now tell me, Clunk, why did I spank you?" and Clunk replies "Cause you like hitting little kids." You say "Clunk!" and he answers "You spanked me because you love me." You then begin to explain to Clunk and the kids that the reason you spank is because you do love him and don't want him to grow up to be bad. Clunk understands, and the two of you leave after giving each other a hug.



Clunky comes up wearing a white beard, holding two pieces of cardboard cut out to look like the ten commandments and telling everyone that his name is Holy Moses. He tells the teacher that he has learned the commandments and wants to recite them for the candy bar (we give a candy bar to the kids when they can recite all ten commandments by heart). Clunk says that he doesn't remember them in order, but begins to recite them. Clunk gets them wrong, and then you correct him on them.

The second commandment is, "Thou shalt not bow down to any gravy, especially
                                              on mashed potatoes."
The seventh commandment is, "Thou shalt not be an adult."
The tenth commandment is, "Thou shalt not get into thy neighbor's cupboards." "
                                           (or "Thou shalt not put cupboards on thy neighbor's house.")
The ninth commandment is, "Thou shalt not witness to a bear falsely."
The eighth commandment is, "Thou shalt not aluminum."
The third commandment is, "Thou shalt not inject God's name into your veins."
The sixth commandment is, "Thou shalt not kill." Clunk hesitates after this
                                          commandment, expecting you to correct him, but you
                                          tell him that he was actually correct on that one.
The fourth commandment is, "Remember the Saturday, to cut it out of the
                                            calendar." (keep it hole-y)