Video Transitions
Short videos to introduce each skit and puppet skit


A fun way to introduce each skit or puppet skit is with a Video Transition.  Video Transitions are short video "intros" and "exits", similar to the intro of a television sitcom that you play at the beginning and end of each segment.  It is not only fun, but it also makes your service much more fluid, filling in the small empty spaces that usually occur in between segments while you are going back stage or preparing for the next skit or lesson.
Here are some examples of video "intros" and "exits" we have used in Children's Church.  I apologize for the poor quality of video, we made them smaller to make them easier and faster to download and view.
Clunky Intro

Clunky Exit

We change the credits every week to make them funny. 
Simon RePeter Intro

Big Birtha Intro

Leroy Intro

Leroy is a puppet that is similar to Clunky.
Mr. Sin

In our church, Mr. Sin has a sidekick named ... SideKick. 
Nerd Skit Intro

Nerd Skit Exit

Joshua Skit Intro & Exit

We call the Joshua Skits, "The Christiansons".

All these videos have been made with Windows Movie Maker, and are very simple to create.  If you have a somewhat newer computer, you probably have Windows Movie Maker (unless you have a Mac, and your video software is even better).  Some of the videos, like the Clunky and Leroy, are short videos taken with a miniDV cam corder.  We just took a view shots and put them together to make the introduction and exit.  Some of the videos, like the Birtha, Nerd Skit, and Joshua Skits, are simply pictures we took with a digital camera, and then set them to music.  Some, like the Simon RePeter Video, have no pictures at all, but are simply done with the software of Windows Movie Maker.  The music was purchased or downloaded and then added. 

I need to warn you, when you start making videos for your children's church, you will become addicted.

If you come up with some unique and fun videos that you have used for your children's church, please send me a copy or the idea.  I would love to pass it on to everyone.